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2014 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship


Race 2 – 15 minutes + 1 Lap - Sunday May 18th Pembrey circuit.


(0r the race that never was!) After an early start to Race 1, it was a very long wait for race 2 with two truck races and a 2 hour 2CV bash in between. The 2CV Enduro didn't seem to go down that well with some of the spectators on the part of the banking I settled down to watch the action from! The scheduled start time for Race 2 was 17.50 (i.e 10 minutes before the generally accepted circuit curfew. However a look on the TSL Timing website will show the actual start time) Rufus couldn't fix the problems on Rhodri's car at the circuit, so the Honda was a non-starter. However Endafs Mini started working again, so he was back in and thought the car was getting better all the time, although he was at the back of the grid! Dave Krayem made the decision to give his new red Ginetta G50 a run out (It's the car he bought from Keith Butcher), and so therefore he had to start from the back of the grid too!


This promoted Keith to Pole Position with Mike Cond also on the front row, and Keith decided to play his joker! When the lights changed Keith shot into the lead, with a fast starting Neil Watts in 2nd place. However by the end of lap 1 Endaf had already climbed up to 4th and by lap 2 he was in 2nd place and pressuring Keith for all he was worth! Mike Cond was 3rd, Neil Watts was 4th and Andy Williams was 5th. Martin Davies was in 6th place with Dave Krayem closing on him!


That is as far as the race went, as on lap 3 Dave made a dive under Martin at Dibeni, from someway back it must be said, and hit the Sapphire with sufficient force to put the nearside rear wheel into a 45 degree angle. Martin spun to the inside of the corner with an unmovable car, and Dave spun to the outside! Thankfully both drivers were ok but, with two cars unmovable and in a potentially dangerous place, the organsiers brought out the red flag! There is plenty of discussions on Facebook as to why it was done, but suffice to say as it was now 18.09 and well past the curfew time, there was no chance of re-starting the race! An immediate offer to restage the race in August was made and as can be seen in the statement re Round 2 re-run that is what will happen. Keith will get his joker back and the race will be free for all who entered in May. (except for someone we dont want to see). In all it was a disappointing way to end the day, and it can only be hoped that the M&S team can repair Jason's' car for the next round of his own championship in 3 weeks time!



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