2014 WRDA News

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August 2nd Action Gallery - photos courtsey of  Steve Williams

  The early laps

Keith leads out of Dibeni on lap 1 - as Andy has an opposite lock moment - Chris chases Keith as Huw & Dan go side by side in the background!

     Mike chases the Westfields                                 Rhodri is in a West Wales fresh air sandwichJims'turbo Mini with all 4 wheels on the tarmac!
 Midfield trio Roger, Giles & Melissa                  Class BT Saloon action - Hot hatchbacks!          A recovering Andy passes BT Winner Paul
         Jim stalks Rhodri                                                    Ken leads a big midfield dice                           Geraint leads Neil but for how long?
Midfield dice -2                                                                           Chris Everill ready to rock n roll!                                              Huws' Red Flag moment!

Red Flag - re-start