2014 WRDA News

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 August 2nd Awards presented by BARC paddock marshal Jane Ratcliffe - pictures by Rob Allender & Steve Williams

Roger Dowden takes the Class AS award -           Jim Lyons takes Class BS                         Keith White - Class D & race winner of round 2 re-run
as Rhodri checks his lottery numbers!

     Paul Flinders 1st in Class BT --- Giles Beck 2nd in BT with the MFI BMW - Daniel Burt takes 3rd in BT - as Alan checks his scratch card!


 Mike Cond & his neice pick up the Class M award - Jim Lyons Class BS Turbo Mini- Driver of the Race - putting his best 3 wheels forward!


Stuart Watts pick ups up the Class CS awards for his son Neil and the absent Geraint Rees. Actually Stuart is a long time Hillclimb & Sprint driver
who set a hill record at Gurston with a Lotus Elan that wasn't beaten for a long time! According to his son Neil, '

He got me interested in motorsport'


(Right)   Rhodri takes 3rd in CS as Rufus ponders the burger van menu!