2014 WRDA News

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Statement re Round 2 re-run

So, whilst we’ve just had a great weekend overall, it was marred by the fact that our Race 2 had to be red flagged and couldn’t be re-started because of the circuit curfew. So, what we’re proposing is this.

We will hold the round again at the August meeting at Pembrey. It will take place on the Saturday, with a full qualifying session and race on the Saturday.

The entry fee for the August meeting for those that competed yesterday will still be the same £300, with the same rebate scheme.

You’ll just get an extra race. And if you played your joker in Race 2 yesterday, don't worry you'll get it back!

 If any competitor from yesterday is not able to join us in August, we will look to compensate you.

The entry fee for any new competitor who wants to race at the August meeting for the Sunday only will remain at £300.

But those new competitors that want to race on the Saturday too ,will  pay £350. We will use any funds raised from this extra £50 per new competitor to compensate those who competed yesterday but can’t make it in August.

Anyone with any photos/videos from yesterday, please share!!  

See you all next month!  

Rhodri on behalf of the Committee