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 The 2014 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship

Rounds 5 & 6 Sunday 3nd August – Pembrey Circuit

Entry & Practice

by Rob Allender Photo by PURPLE M PHOTOGRAHY

Geraint Rees stalks Chris Everill on route to a dramatic last gasp race win!

Sundays practice was at the more normal time of  10.15 and there were 17 cars out this time, with Verity being an absentee with an ecu problem on her MG ZR. Keith White took pole again in his BMW Z4 look alike, with a time of 60.407 seconds. Chris Everill was 2nd with 62.034 sec. Mike Cond was 3rd with 62.266 & Neil Watts was 4thwith a time of 63.65. Keith, Mike & Neil also headed their class times! On row 3 again were Andy Williams and Geraint Rees in the same order as Saturday.  Row 4 was the property of the turbo twins of Jim Lyons & Rhodri Jenkins. This time however, Rhodri was worried about overheating as well as his engine cutting out, and decided to miss the race rather than risk an engine blow up! There was plenty of advice on offer as turbo experts Jason and Martin Davies had popped by to check out the scene.  On Row 5 Glynne Jones was 8th fastest in his heavy metal BMW 320 and Melissa Lufferelli and her Moto Mini. On Row 6 was Ken James & his Locost and Roger Dowden. On Row 7 Giles Beck was on the Class BT Pole with Huw Morgan alongside. Huw still had a few dents in outside of the car, but was up for the challenge nonetheless! On Row 7 Tyrone Lufferelli & Dan Burt clearly had Huw in their sights! Dead last was Paul Flinders which was not where you’d expect him to be! ‘I had gearbox selection problems. We hoped we’d fixed it overnight but I still can’t get all the gears!

Round 5 - The race - 15 minutes plus 1 lap

It was another brisk August day with some cloudy sunshine as the grid came up to the rolling start, and it was Keith who took the lead closely followed by Chris Everill, Neil Watts, Geraint Rees, Mike Cond and Andy Williams who was keeping well wide of the grass.  Jim Lyons was also bombing along well! Initially Keith White held the lead which he began to extend over Chris Everill who was starting to struggle, having flat spotted his tyres early on.  Mike Cond had the bit between his teeth and overtook Geraint and then Neil on successive laps, and then began to haul in Chris as his lap times began to suffer, eventually overtaking Chris run in 2nd place on lap 8! However almost immediately and un-noticed, Mike retired to the pits without crossing the finish line! ‘My mudguard mount broke and I was worried that it would fly off and hit someone! This left Chris Everill back into 2nd place, which then became the lead, as Keith White slowed to a stop, and pulled onto the grass! Up to now the commentator had been enthusiastic about the variety of cars, and the close racing in the Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship, but now as the race unfolded he was starting to go ballistic!


Chris, who had missed Mike going to the pits, saw Keith at the side of the road, and assumed he was back in 2nd place, when in fact he was the leader! However Chris had his hands full defending his place from the Westies of Neil Watts and Geraint Rees. Meanwhile Keith began to get going again, and began to lap slowly but surely! Something was wrong and after the race Keith revealed the bizarre reason behind it all! ‘My gear-lever snapped-off as I was changing gear! This left me without a gear, but then I could see there was a stump left poking out of the gearbox. I couldn’t reach it with my hand, but I managed to kick it into a gear, which turned out to be 3rd! That was enough to get me going again so I carried on!’ Keith was managing to run quickly enough to finish a lap down in 6th place, obstenably to score some Class points! However there were still a few more twists to come in the race! Whilst all this excitement was going on there was also plenty of action all through the field.


Melissa was in 8th place, ahead of Glynne, who began to put her under pressure. Melissa however held on and then was promoted to the leader in Class M after Michael Cond had pulled off! A famous Class win was in prospect! Glynne forced his way past into 8th place after some side by side moments with Melissa, who only had to keep going to claim her first Class win of the year! Sadly it was not to be, as the Moto Mini came to a stop with a broken drive chain, only 3 laps from the end! Roger Dowden had also retired by then after finding the IMP based engine in the Mk6 Davrian had started to tighten up!


Initially Class BT was led by a fast starting Huw Morgan, with his modified Honda, with Ken James, Roger, Tyrone Lufferelli, Giles Beck, Paul Flinders and Dan Burt behind him. Ken James soon got by, as did Roger Dowden, but Huw was still holding 12th at the head of the train! Giles and Paul Flinders swapped places, but Huw still had a good gap to Tyrone and the rest as the leaders started to lap them! Paul managed to nip past Tyrone and then Huw as this was going on. Giles passed Tyrone and closed to within a second of Huw at the end. Ken James was 7th Paul Flinders was 8th and first in Class BT. Huw was 9th, Giles was 10th, Tyrone 11th and Dan Burt was the last runner, having had quite a lonely race.


So the race drew to a close with Chris Everill in the lead. He was now followed by Geraint who had nipped by into 2d place as Neil Watts went wide.  Chris by now was really beginning to suffer from the lack of grip from his flat spotted tyres! As Chris’ lap times began to lengthen, so Geraint’s more consistent pace began to reel him in! Going into the penultimate lap Chris tried to respond, but it was too much for his tortured front tyre which exploded with a bang and pitched him off the track at Honda! So, on the final corner on the final lap, Geraint swept by to his maiden race win in the Welsh Sports & Saloon Championship! By then the Commentator who was going ballistic, was now almost in orbit! Neil Watts was 2nd and Andy Williams was 3rd for a Class CS 1-2-3! Almost un-noticed Keith White trundled around to take 6th place, and the Class D win, to put him into the lead of championship!


As the extremely happy race winner, Geraint commented 'What a race!'

Hear Geraint, Neil, and Andys' post-race interveiw (apologies for the poor quality)

In the lunch break it was nice to catch up with the Jason & Martin Davies and Alvin Powell. Alvin who was perhaps understandably  somewhat down after a troubled time at the Silverstone Classic, announced he was going to retire from racing. Martin advised him to a get Cossie and come and have fun with it! Sounds like a plan to me! Martin himself is targeting the October races as his first race of the year, although he had planned to do the whole of the 2015 season!

It was also really nice to catch up with old friends Clive Hayes & Cindy from St Davids, who are doing the Sports 2000 Championship. Clive, who won the Welsh Championship in 2000, now makes the MCR cars and showed he has still got it after winning the Sports 2000 Enduro! Chris Morris, the current Welsh Champion actually led the race, but only because he was in the pace-car. Also in the paddock was Bill Morris, legendary Sprint & Hillclimb Champion from Pembrokeshire. Now if they all came out for the October races, what a grid that would be!


Times & Result from http://www.tsl-timing.com/barc/2014/143121wss.pdf



Round 6 - The race - 15 minutes plus 1 lap