2018 WSSCC dates – Pembrey- Oulton Park & Donington Park

Hi here are the dates we have for the 2018 WSSSCC

  1. April 22nd Pembrey with Trucks
  2. Saturday May 12th Oulton Park International Circuit   
  3. June 10th Pembrey with Citroen C1s
  4. July 29th Donington Park National Circuit 
  5. August 19th Pembrey with MSA Time Attack
  6. Oct 14th Pembrey with Trucks

N.B for those of you who want something to do in September there may be a Non-championship sports/saloon car challenge race at Castle Combe in September, usually on their Saturday meeting. The entry fee is usually about £120. Alan will notify everyone when he finds out.

P.s WSSCC Code of Practice Updated for 2018