Donington Park National 29 July: Finals, Paddock Plan & Timetable here!

Hi here are the Finals, Paddock Plan & Timetable f0r Sunday 29th July.

Final Instructions Issue TWO 29.07.18

AMOC Donington Park Timetable

Paddock Plan 29.07.18 – Issue ONE  

Please note that signing on and briefing will be in the AMOC Racing race centre near the scrutineering bay.

Re Passes. MSVR will send out the ‘passes’ (4 per Driver) direct to your email address in the early part of next week. These will have a bar code, individual to that pass and you will need to print them out and bring them with you. Please read the conditions when you get the passes.

For those who like to arrive early, and stay overnight, the word is that you can drive in, after the Saturday Motor-bike races are over. i.e As per the finals you need to leave it until 7.30 before you can enter the paddock, or you may have to park-up and wait. (or visit the Donington Collection. Once you are in the shop, make sure you ask where the entry to the collection is)

If you plan to drive up and arrive early on Sunday, you should be able to gain access with your competitors passes in time for our signing on.

Here are the forms you need to enter the WSSCC races due at Donington Park On Sunday 29th of July.

2018 Race Entry Fee Payment Form v2 – Donington

2018 RACE ENTRY FORM-v2 Donington

The standard fee is £300 for qualifying & 2 x 15 mins plus 1 lap races.
The timetable should be qualifying at 9.10 and the first race at 12.15 (before lunch) and the second at 15.35.
We would also welcome guest drivers , so please spread the word. Regards Robert

Final close of entries is Tuesday 24th July