Pembrey Sept 13th Trophy races entry form etc on line now!

The races at Pembrey Sept 13th are set to be special races for the WRDA Presidents Trophy -SRs & entry forms are here

Supplementary Regulations for the WRDA Presidents Cup Race at Pembrey 13th September 2020 Sept 13th 2020 SRS

Official entry form Sept 13th Pembrey MSA-Barc Entry form+declaration

Entry Payments details 13 Sept Race Entry Fee Payment form

Here is the paperwork for our races at Pembrey on 13th September.
The entry form itself may look a little strange but is the Official Form from MSA (now named Motorsport UK). It contains the Declaration that you would sign at ‘signing on’ and also details the Scrutineers would check.

The form is saved in Adobe Acrobat and you should be able to access it and type in the details, including the safety gear in your car.  You should then save it (with your name) and send it back to me (Robert) at (with a cc to

If you work through the form logically it should be alright but if you are having any problems with it, please let me know.

(ring me 0772261988 before 8 pm please)

Regards and looking forward to seeing on the 13th September.

(BTW Race 2 will have a bit of fun element in it)

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