DASH2 PRO – New Features for 2015

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DASH2 PRO – New Features for 2015

The DASH2 PRO display has been updated for 2015 to add new powerful features.

The Automatic Lap Timing makes setting up lap/sector markers for each circuit automatic. Simply start logging and the DASH2 PRO will select the correct track for your GPS location from its internal database.

Automatic Lap Timing*
The automatic lap timing feature is designed to ensure lap timing is available whenever the DASH2 PRO is logging data. The DASH2 PRO has a built-in database of around 300 worldwide circuits. When driving one of these circuits the unit automatically selects the correct marker file to give lap and sector times for the track.
* Lap timing requires GPS data logging enhancement
Automatic markers: If no lap file is already available for the current circuit then the DASH2 PRO will create one automatically, adding sector markers until a marker is passed again (creating a lap marker). Markers are automatically added onto the circuit’s straights, these are calculated using the GPS and accelerometer data.Lap timing can also be manually setup, by making .lap files in the Analysis software or by adding markers from an assigned button press.For an explanation of how the automatic lap timing works please visit here.

DASH2 PRO Enhancement Options:
A range of enhancement options are available for the DASH2 PRO, to specify a complete system tailored to your requirements. Complete data logging with GPS and integrated accelerometers; access vehicle sensor data via the CAN bus or ECU; and control external systems with the output drivers or PWM outputs.

For more detailed information on the DASH2 PRO display please visit our website here

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