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WRDA Results Archive


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1994 Welsh Championship

 Martin Davies debuts his new Ford Seirra Sapphire turbo in the Production Class on treaded tyres, but soon switches to Slick Tyres and doesnt look back.

Nigel James in his RS2000 keeps him honest early on.

Alvin debuts his Ford Seirra turbo and Alvin, Martin and Dave Jarman have classic dice for the lead at September 750 meeting!

Colin Gundersen wins Class B and is tied on points with Keith Butcher who wins Class C again.

Graham Miller wins the new Class D.

  1994 season pre-veiw.PDF


 12th March 8 Clubs Silverstone.PDF  The 8 Clubs traditionally split our drivers into a Fast & Slow races

   27th March '94 Barc Pembrey.PDF    March 27th pre race Press cutting .PDF   Press report- 27th March Pembrey.PDF

  7+ 8th May '94 750mc Pembrey.PDF  Race report May 7th Pembrey .PDF  Race report May 7th Pembrey 0001.PDF    Press report- after 3 rounds.PDF

  24th July '94 Jaguar Car Club Pembrey.PDF

  7th Aug Aston Martin Mallory Park.PDF   Race Result 7th Aug 94.PDF 1994 Mallory Park newspaper.PDF   Press report- Aug 7th Mallory.PDF 

Notes on Mallory Park 

  Welsh Champs points after 5 rds.PDF

  17th September '94 750mc Pembrey.PDF    

25th Sept '94 Barc Pembrey.PDF


 Alvin Martin & Dave Jarman fight for the lead! 


  Final Welsh points after 7rds.PDF

 Class Welsh points after 7rds.PDF


  (left) Martin Davies accepts the Championship winners trophy from Peter Hughes



1994/Press cutting re F3 Gareth Rees at Pembrey.PDF


Other Items

  1994 WSSCC Regulations.PDF  WRDA 1994 letter re Darrians car.PDF  WRDA letter re Darrians car.PDF   WRDA minutes 13-1-1994.PDF