Meyrick dominates Croft F3

2008 Lloyds TSB Insurance British Formula F3 Championship National Class

Meyrick dominates Croft F3

Andy Meyrick Hat trick.jpg (514747 bytes)Andy - hat trick or tricky hat? Who cares as Andy pick up another winners trophy

WRDA member Andy Meyrick continues to dominate the National Class in the 2008 British Formula 3 Championship, after winning both the weekends races at the high speed Croft circuit near Darlington. Meyrick driving the Carlin Motorsport Dallara with a Mugen Honda engine, was quickest in practice by some margin and was never headed as he raced to 2 wins, even after narrowly missing a multi-car crash in race 2, Speaking after Meyrick said" It was a fantastic weekend. We had really good pace in practice and we were able to transfer it to the race. I’m really pleased with it, there were 42 points on offer and we got the maximum points. It was a bit fraught in race 2 though, a couple of cars touched & spun in front of me and it was like a spiral effect. We always been trained to aim at where the spinning car is, on the basis that it will have moved by the time you get there, and this time it worked. There was a lot of carbon fibre and stuff on the track, I even had a few chips on my helmet, so they stopped the race to clear all the debris up and then re-started it later. I had another good start and was even up to 7th overall, well clear of the other National Class cars, The other International class cars were getting quite anxious so I backed off to let them through, rather than risk it with them. It was nice to see Hywel do well too, he was 3rd so we had 2 Welshman on the podium again. I’m really happy "

The next race in the 2008 British Formula 3 Championship is at Monza on 17/18th May.

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