WRDA Minutes 1982 to 1983 showing the efforts to bring Motor Racing back to Wales

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The Welsh Racing Drivers Assocation - Its formation - The Early Years  - 1981 to 1983

Having formed the club, Robert and the committee began to put out feelers out to try and find a new venue that could put on Top Class Motor Racing


WRDA minutes 25-1-1982 WRDA minutes 24-4-1982 WRDA minutes 10-7-1982.  First contacts planned with The Sports Council for Wales


WRDA minutes 1-9-1982   WRDA minutes 1-10-1982   WRDA minutes 22-10-1982  Other possible sites are explored


  WRDA minutes 1-12-1982 No progress possible on other sites but Sports Council indicates that Pembrey airfield may be available

WRDA minutes 20-1-1983  Notes of first meetings at Llanelli Borough Council re Pembrey

WRDA minutes 8-3-1983 Notes of progress between Llanelli Borough Council & the RAC MSA re Pembrey

  WRDA minutes 16-5-1983 More positive progress re Pembrey

WRDA minutes 25-6-1983 We are asked to formulate plans for Welsh Championships to assist with the initial stages of Pembrey plans

WRDA minutes 22-6-1983.PDF General meeting re Pembrey visit Flyer re Pembrey visit 6-7-1983 


WRDA minutes after visit to Pembrey 6-7-1983   WRDA 1983 Consitution.PDF  Proposed WRDA 1984 Championships.PDF



   Bryn Bach Park Circuit Proposal Dec 1982 

   Sports Council - Pembrey letter 26/11/82.

   1982-3 1st Contacts re Pembrey

  BRDA letter Pembrey January 1983.PDF 

  BRDA letter Pembrey April 1983.PDF 

    MSA letter Pembrey April 1983.PDF

   Llanelli Borough Council re Pembrey May 1983.PDF

  20th May 1983 Rallycross Press Day Pembrey 

  Wales Tourist Board letter re Pembrey May 1983.PDF 

   Tibbalds Letter reconsultations re Pembrey May 1983.PDF

  Tibbalds Letter re consulations re Pembrey July 1983.PDF 

  Pembrey Rallycross Press Release   1st event July 1983 at Pembrey   

   November 1983 WRDA newsletter re Pembrey 

  WRDA minutes 1982 to 1983