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The WRDA Young Welsh  Driver of the Year Award is dedicated to the drivers who carried the Welsh Dragon into F1.

Tom Pryce & Jack Lewis


http://www.grandprix.com/gpe/rr260.html BRITISH GP, 1975 Tom Pryce leads at Silverstone. Magical!


Tom Pryce Resources + F3 & F2 Results & Press Cuttings

Dedicated to Tom Pryce the Welsh driver who inspired many with his exploits in F1 racing, but sadly died in the 1977 South African Grand Prix.

Tom had a meteoric rise through the lower ranks and after a stellar drive in the F3 race at Monaco, secured a drive with the Shadow team. He was highly regarded and if he had lived would almost certainly been a F1 Champion. Even so he remains the only Welshman so far to win a FI race; The 1975 Brands Hatch Race of Champions, a non-championship Formula One race. The only Welshman so far to qualify in Pole Position for a Grand Prix, and the only Welshman so far to lead a Grand Prix, the 1975 British Grand Prix at Silverstone! He also scored two podium finishes and many other points during his short, but illustrious career!  The memory of Tom Pryce & his example inspired the creation of the WRDA Young Welsh  Driver of the Year Award


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Pryce Excellent Biography of Toms career


Recomended Reading


The Lost Generation ISBN 1 84425 205 1


The Forgotten Races ISBN 0 954535 20 0 (includes Toms 1975 F1 race win at Brands Hatch)



Championship Tables

1972 Shell Super Oil British F3 Championship - 9th place

1972 B.R.S.C.C. Lombard North Central British F3 Championship – 14th Place

http://www.formula2.net/F372_GB4.htm  Brands Hatch Pole Position + Fastest Lap Winner! D.J. Bond Engineering Royale RP11 - Ford/Vegantune  

http://www.formula2.net/F372_GB5.htm  Snetterton  -  5th place.

http://www.formula2.net/F372_GB6.htm  Oulton Park DNF 19 laps Accident

http://www.formula2.net/F372_GB8.htm Mallory Park  DNF 9 laps Accident

http://www.formula2.net/F372_GB10.htm Silverstone DNF 5 laps Crash Damage

http://www.formula2.net/F372_GB10.htm Zandvoort  9th Overall  +  Fastest Lap  (Heat 1)

http://www.formula2.net/F372_GB14.htm  May 13, rain - Monaco – accident (Broken Leg)!

http://www.formula2.net/F372_GB21.htm  Brands Hatch Pole Position  + 4th place

http://www.formula2.net/F372_GB41.htm  11th October  6th place


1973 British Formula Atlantic Results


In 1973 Yellow Pages were the sponsors of a six-race "International" championship, in addition to which BP sponsored an 18-race national championship. Colin Vandervell and John Nicholson contested the two series, with Vandervell taking the more lucrative Yellow Pages title. Tom Pryce contested both championships and won three consecutive rounds in the BP series early in the season (20 Apr 1973 > Snetterton (BP round 3) 23 Apr 1973 > Brands Hatch (BP round 4) & 06 May 1973 > Mallory Park (BP round 5)  in the Royale RP12A but took the chance of a promotion to the Rondel F2 team and was in F1 by the following season.

1973Formula 2 Results

 Rondell Racing Motul M1 - Ford FVD/Smith
http://www.formula2.net/F273_14.htm dnf Hockenheim
http://www.formula2.net/F273_13.htm 11th Nivelles
http://www.formula2.net/F273_15.htm DNF Rouen-les-Essarts
http://www.formula2.net/F273_20.htm 5th Mantrop Park
http://www.formula2.net/F273_25.htm 2nd overall Norisring

N.B Rondel Racing was a British racing team that competed in the Formula Two series between 1971 and 1973. The team was founded by two ex-Brabham mechanics Ron Dennis and Neil Trundle. Rondel won five European Championship races before being forced to close down in 1973 due to lack of funding following the withdrawal of sponsor Motul. For the 1973 season, Rondel hired Ray Jessop to design their own car. The result was the Motul M1 which was named for the team's sponsor. Rondel's final victory came at the Norisring where Tim Schenken won the race, with team-mates Tom Pryce and Henri Pescarolo in second and third position. The 1973 season saw a complicated points structure used, where races were divided into basic and complementary races with only a driver's first result from complementary races held in the same country eligible for points. This meant Tom Pryce was not awarded points for his second place finish at the Norisring, having competed in a previous complementary race in Germany at the Hockenheimring.

At end of 1973 season, Motul withdrew their sponsorship due to financial difficulties caused by the 1973 oil crisis forcing Rondel to wind up operations.

1974 F2

http://www.formula2.net/F274_8.htm  Hockenheim - 4th Overall - Team Baty Chevron B27 - Ford BDA

http://www.formula2.net/F274_10.htm Mugello - Florence Italy - 3rd Overall - Team Baty  - Chevron B27 - BMW M12/Schnitzer

http://www.formula2.net/F274_14.htm  Enna, Sicily.  Team Baty/ Harper DNF.  Heat 1 – 10 laps Electrics. DNF Heat 2 – 5 laps – accident

http://www.formula2.net/F274_19.htm Hockenheim 14th  -  Tom Pryce,  Team Harper Chevron B27 - BMW M12/Lec

http://www.formula2.net/F274_21.htm  Autodromo di Vallelunga, nr Rome Italy -5th Overall- Chevron Racing Team Chevron B27 - BMW M12/Lec


 FI with Shadow  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Pryce


Top mechanic Neil Trundle describes his part in Toms 1974 Monaco F3 win that catapulted him to the Arrows F1 team


In 1990 Toms dad Jack came to Pembrey and handed the Tom Pryce Memorial Trophy to the Eurocar V8 Race Winner


Tom Pryce 2005 Western Mail article


Tom Pryce Memorial unveiled in Ruthin  Tom Pyrce Memorial visited



James McLaren of BBC Wales New Media developed a history site on Tom Pryce
Excellent Tom Pryce tribute site!