Jason takes Mallory Park double win, but Piers Grange keeps him honest !

wsscc_logo 2017 WSSCC Rounds 5 & 6 Mallory Park – Sunday 4th June!


DSCF2162The Entry & Practice – A group of 16 WSSCC contenders made the trip to rural Leicestershire for the Welsh Championship first away day at Mallory Park in 10 years and along with a couple of Guests it made a pleasant 18 car entry! Initally it was Sunny & Dry and Fastest in Practice was Jason Davies with a time for 48.814 secs or 99.56 mph! 2nd fastest and only 0.22 behind Jason was Piers Grange, an Invitation driver from Crewe, with his Ford Escort MK1 Silhouette, which was an effective piece of kit with a turbo engine! Piers best lap was timed at 99.11 mph! Behind the Blue Oval twosome, 3rd & 4th with the EVO pair of Bradley & Nick, both in the 50s. Andy Williams was 5th fastest in his heavy metal non-turbo Ford Sapphire alongside Fabio Lufferelli and his VW Corrado Silhouette. Fabio was the last driver in the 90s with a lap speed 91.12 mph!  Behind them was Damian Longotano in his Westfield with a disappearing wing, and Dave Scaramanga in his Class CT VW Sirocco!  9th fastest was our second guest, Marcus Bicknell and his massive & striking 1971 Mustang! It must be the biggest car we’ve ever had in one of our races,(I can’t remember one bigger) and Marcus from, Chalfont St Giles, was up for a bit of fun, declaring ‘I’ll need a 3 point turn to get around Shaws hairpin, so the others will just have to wait!’ The way Marcus drove was certainly spectacular with smoke coming of the tyres at almost every corner! In a ‘David v Goliath’ scenario alongside Marcus on the grid was Ellis Wiggins and his Vauxhall Nova! Next up on row 6 was Tyrone Luffarelli and his trusty Class BT Pug with Mark Williams and his VW Polo, alongside. On row 7 was Colin Dunn (Clio) and Mat Harris (Porsche 944)

Next up on Row 8 should have been Gareth Haycock and his VW Golf and Mellissa Luffarelli and her moto Mini. Unfortunately Gareth would not be taking his place on the grid after he had a heavy accident, late in the session, after dropping 2 wheels on the grass on the exit to Gerards Bend! This spat the car across the circuit and straight into the barriers, head on! This wrecked the front of the Golf, but thankfully Gareth was ok, apart from a bruised leg. The car looked beat up, but Grant the mechanic reckoned it might be fixable back at the garage! Occupying the final row was Nick Rocke and Verity Banks! At one stage it looked like Verity would not be able to race as her own car wasn’t ready, then Andrew Williams stepped in and offered Verity a drive in his MG ZR! Andy explained ‘I didn’t plan to enter my car but I was going to come up and marshal, so I brought the car for Verity!’ Compared to Andy, Verity is petite (that’s French for small) but she bought some cushions!

In the lunch break, Martin Davies explained the bizarre reason for his ‘Oil surge’ problems at Pembrey. ‘Apparently I didn’t run the engine in for long enough!When I put on the boost, the increased friction ‘glazed the cylinder bores’ and the piston rings started to pressurise the oil, which escaped into the catch tank and the oil that was left, started to surge! We’ve fixed the glazing, so now I’m going to take long time to run it in properly this time!’ If all is well Martin should be out at the next Pembrey meeting in July.

The Race 15 minutes plus one lap – Rolling start! 


Lap 1 – Piers lead Jason

By the time of the race, the sun was long gone, and some light drizzle showed itself from time to time, without coming to much. A little later than published, due to a delay to the programme, after the Kart practice as halted to allow the Air Ambulance to take a casualty away; the grid left for their ‘Green Flag’ lap, but without Dave Scaramanga whose engine died before he could get to the grid ‘I suspect it’s the crankshaft sensor but we can’t fix it here’ Colin Dunn did take the start, but didn’t get much further, as he felt his rear wheels take flight after the cars rear wheel bearings collapsed, and he waited out the race at the nearest Marshals post!

 So Jason lead the grid to the lights, after the pace car had pulled off, and then it was ‘Race on’ to the first corner, and it was Piers Grange, (Invitation Class) who jumped into the lead with Jason in very hot pursuit! (Class win? What Class win!).  Piers lead across the line on lap one, but then Jason passed him for the lead and led the rest of the race, but with the Orange Escort tied to his bumper, and never more than a few 10ths behind! Jason tried to build a gap in the early laps and set the first 100 mph (100.98 mph) lap of Mallory Park for a WSSCC contender! However Piers responded and left the races fastest lap at 47.894 secs which equals an astounding 101.56mph! However we will leave the leaders fighting it out until later!

Behind them, in the battle of the Evos, in 3rd place was Bradley John followed by Nick Crompton. Nick was late to join the gird, after his team found his oil cooler had burst! This needed some urgent work to by-pass it! Late in the race Nick began to drop back as his oil temperature rose, but on 20 laps, he was the last runner on same lap as the leaders!

On 19 laps, Fabio Luffareli had big dice with Andy Williams for 5th place with Andy in 5th until Fabio overtook him. Behind them Damian Longatono had a lonely race to 6th but found not much difference in the car, without the wing! Initially in 7th place was the massive Mustang of Marcus Bicknell, with the rest of the grid snapping at his heels! Tyrone Luffarelli & Mark Williams were the first cars through, leaving Ellis Wiggins and his tiny Nova hanging on to Marcus’ Mustang like a Chalfont! (Chalfont St Giles – cockney rhyming slang – you work it out!) Melissa was the next to make it through, followed by Mat Harries. Later Mark Williams fell back behind Marcus, but Tyrone (Class BT winner) eventually made his way up to 7th place. Mat (Class CT winner) was 8th, just ahead of Marcus who was 9th. Mark Williams (2nd in CT) was 10th ahead of Nick Rocke, Ellis Wiggins and Verity Banks, who finished the race..

Back at the front Piers Grange made a big effort late on to close the gap to Jason, and on lap 13 was only 0.146 behind! He was close. but then too close, as he ran into the back of Jason! Jasons’ Ford Sapphire picked up some battle damage, but Piers was out with a broken front rim and a flat tyre! This left Jason to reel off the laps, crossing the line after 20 laps 33 seconds ahead of Bradley John. Nick Crompton was 3rd but distant from Bradley. Fabio was 4th with Andy Williams in 5th place.

However, unfortunately Fabios daughter Melissa also did not finish! She got as high as 9th when the duel between her dad Fabio and Andy Williams came up to lap her! Andy looked  to overtake Fabio, but it didn’t happen! However there was an incident between Andy and Melissa! Andys Ford Sapphire continued with some battle scars, but Melissa little Mini was out on the spot with several broken wheels and other damage!  It was an incident, thankfully rare in the Welsh Championship, but it was something that needed the attention of the Clerk of the Course.

Jason Davies crossed the line at a canter and was cock-a-hoop at an excellent win, but the commentators said they didn’t have time to do a post-race interview with the winner, so Robert did it!  Jason tells Robert about his race (in progress)

Race 2 -15 minutes plus one lap – Rolling start! 

The grid for race 2 is based on the finishing order of race 1! This left Jason on pole, with Bradley John alongside. Row 2 saw Nick Crompton along with Fabio Luffarelli. However one of the features of race 2 is to see if any of the quick cars with low grid positons can pull back to the front. At the back this time were Piers Grange and Melissa, now back an running thanks to several spare wheels that her dad Fabio and brother Tyrone, found in the back of the cavernous Luffarelli transporter! From the moment that Jason brought the grid towards the lights, it was clear he was in no mood to hang around! Setting off like some kind of Welsh ‘Ayrton Senna’ Jason was almost 2 seconds ahead of Bradley John at the end of the first lap!

Coming out of the ‘Devils Elbow’ on lap 1, Jason, in an eye-popping moment, had the car really sideways, but caught it in a masterly fashion, and continued on his way!. Afterwards he said’ I knew Piers would be coming through the grid, so I wanted to build a big lead, so he wouldn’t be harassing me later on. However that moment early on, really got my attention!’ Now fully focused, Jason worked hard in the early laps, to build himself lead! It took until lap 5 for Piers to get into 2nd place, but by that time Jason had a 10 second lead, which he managed to the end!  Although both Jason & Piers set fastest laps in 100mph bracket, the race pace was a little slower and the top 4 , Jason, Piers, Bradley and Nick, only did 19 laps this time! Fabio had an interesting dice with Andy Williams, swapping places a few times before Fabio pulled off late on, when his engine died. This left Andy all alone in 5th place but 1 lap behind. However Tyrone (CT) in 6th place, and sister Melissa (M) in 7th ,were upholding the Luffarelli family honour as both were class winners! Mat Harries was 8th and the CT class winner again! Mark Williams, Class CT Polo, was in 9th place, Nick Rocke was 10th, and in 11th place Verity Banks finished a race again! That’s Practice and 2 races, all in one day. A happy Verity, who improved her time in every session, explained. ‘There was an odd occasion, when the quick cars weren’t passing, when I was able to concentrate on my driving’ Her efforts won her the ‘Driver of the Race ‘award, and Andrew Williams got a round of applause for showing the true spirit of the championship!

Sadly, Marcus Bicknell only did 2 laps in his mighty Mustang, before he retired with a rough sounding engine. Damian Longotano retired on lap 8.  Ellis Wiggins pulled off late after losing all drive possibly due to a dodgy cv joint!

At the end of the race Jason summed up.

Shortly after the prize-giving, there was a cloud burst, but a lovely rainbow and some late sunshine to guide people home!

Results http://www.tsl-timing.com/file/?f=SPECIAL/2017/172292wss.pdf

The next races in the 2017 season is at Pembrey on Sunday July 23rd.


2017 WSSCC Rounds 3 & 4- Pembrey new course – Sunday 21st of May!

Entry & Practice. This was to be the first time the WSSCC had used Pembrey with the new Rhodri & Phil inspired complex, making it a welcome change. The general feeling was that it was well liked, with lap times about 6 seconds a lap slower!

There was a welcome 25 car entry with the usual mix of regulars, one notable returnee, and some welcome newcomers!  After qualifying Jason Davies took pole position in his 2wd Ford with a time of 66.238 seconds. Next to him was the notable returnee of Martin Davies (Jasons’ dad) who set a time of 67.740 secs in his 4wd Ford. The times were of academic interest compared to the grid positions and 3rd fastest was Bradley John and his Hi-tech Misubishi Evo. However next to him was the first of the newcomers, Nick Crompton of Bridgend, with his slightly lower tech Evo! Nick had done some sprints before, but the car had not been used for 5 years! It and the driver didn’t look too rusty! On Row 3  was Fabio Luffarelli with his Suzuki powered VW Corrado silhouette and Damian Longotano, with his Westfield now sporting a rear wing! On Row 4 were Ken James and Andy Williams. Row 5 saw Glynne Jones and his BMW and Mellissa Luffarelli and her Suzuki powered Mini. On Row 6 were 2 Class Pole sitters Dave Scarmanga (Class CT. VW Sirocco), and making a welcome return, Daryl Radford (Class BS Honda Civic). On Row 7 another newcomer making a big impact was Adam Jones from Tenby and his Class BS Honda Civic, (tended by Endaf) with Tyrone Luffarelli taking the Class BT pole with his Pug 106. On row 8 were Gareth Haycock (Class CT VW Polo) and Richard Francis who was the only Class AS runner, but was still doing a good job! On row 9 was Tony Gallager, and his Honda Accord, one of the Irish Touring Cars who decided to get in a quick race with us, before heading back home to Ireland and Colin Dunn (Class BT Clio) On row 10 was another newcomer Mark Williams (Class CT VW Polo) and Mat Harries (CT Porsche 944)  On Row 11 was Andrew Williams (Class BT MG ZR) and another welcome newcomer Ellis Wiggins and his Class BS Vauxhall Nova (tended by 2013 Champion Chris Morris!) On Row 12 were the final 2 newcomers Darren Hockley (Class BS Honda Civic)and Darren Osborne (Class BS BMW). On his own on the final row was Alan Smith (Class AT Ford Ka Sport)

Race 1 15 minutes +1 lap – Rolling start. As the lights changed it was Martin Davies who took the lead with Jason as close

How race 1 started! (all action photos by Steve Williams)

How race 1 started! (all action photos by Steve Williams)

company! With this being the first time that both Martin & Jason had been side by side in equal cars, this had the hallmarks of a classic duel, as Martin didn’t appear in any hurry to cut Jason any slack! Martin set the fastest lap of the race on lap 2, and the pair of Fords drew away from the Evo pair of Bradley John and Nick Crompton. It seemed only a matter of time before Jason tried to find a way past Martin, but suddenly Jasons’ car began trailing some smoke! Whatever it was, it was getting worse and Jason retired to the pits on lap 6. Martin was now a good distance ahead of Bradley John, but dramatically he too began to slow, and only 2 laps later he joined Jason in the pits! This left Bradley in the lead, with a handy lead over Nick in second and Fabio Luffarelli in 3rd place.  As always, although there was some spell binding action & drama, at the front of the race, there was plenty of action throughout the grid. Notably Tyrone Luffarelli dropped to back of the grid, to take the start. ‘I saw a few people overshoot the new complex so I thought I’d keep out of way, until things settled down’ He then pulled up through the field to finish in 12th place, taking the Class BT win and late in the race, the BT Fastest lap too!

Ahead of Tyrone. Damian Longotano was 4th but he had Ken James (5th) & Andy Williams (6th) for close company early on. Glynne Jones as 7th and Mellissa  Luffarelli was 8th and was the last un-lapped runner! In the Battle of the Honda Civics newcomer Adam Jones  finished 9th and was the Class BS winner but he had a monumental scrap with Daryl Radford who was only 0.2 behind Adam at the end. However Daryl at least had the satisfaction, and an extra point, for setting the fastest lap! In 11th was Dave Scaramanga, who had Tyrone as a buffer between himself and  a determined Gareth Haycock. In 14th was our Irish guest Tony Gallagher, who gave a good account of himself in his Honda Accord! In 15th place and also improving was Richard Francis, who unfortunately was the only Class As runner.

However it was all action in lower reaches of the grid, with Colin Dunn holding 16th place early on, but with plenty of company, in the manner of Mat Harries, Mark Williams, Ellis Wiggins, Andrew Williams, Darren Hockley, Darren Osborne, and Alan Smith. When the musical cars were stopped by the chequered Flag, it was Mat and his Porker 944 in 16th!  Ellis Wiggins was an excellent 17th on his debut with his Nova, but with Colin Dunn on his right on his boot-lid in 18th! Andrew and his MG ZR won the battle of the Williams’ in 19th place with Mark and his VW Polo, the last runner on 13 laps in 20th Place! Darren Hockley, Alan Smith and Darren Osborn were the final runners. So Bradley John reeled off the laps to take his maiden WSSCC race win!

How Race 1 ended! Bradley John takes his first win, chased by Nick Crompton, and Fabio Luffarelli

How Race 1 ended! Bradley John takes his first win, closly chased earlier on by Nick Crompton, and Fabio Luffarelli

It could have been easy to have be affected by the occasion, but Bradley drove well to write his name into history, by winning the inaugural WSSCC race on the new layout! In the post-race interview he said ‘It my first win in my first full season so hopefully many more to come’ Nick in 2nd place commented that ‘It’s my first circuit race, and I loved every minute, it was brilliant. I did get stuck behind a few of the back markers, and I have to apologise, I think I hit Jason at one stage. With the close racing and the entertainment it was exciting for me and hopefully the crowd too. These cars are amazing things’    So Bradley and the John family were left to bask in the sunshine and the joy of a first win, but It wasn’t like that for everyone. But more of that later!


In the lunch break it was nice to see Rhodri, Alvin and Roger Dowden, but where are the cars lads! No excuses get them out for the next Pembrey! Alvin was said to be on £250 starting money to take his ex-BTCC car up to Knockhill in Scotland! Knowing his luck it’ll probably end up as 250 pounds weight in Haggis!  In the Davies’ camp there was frantic action, as Martin & Jason tried to find out the cause of their woes. Martin confirmed that he had slowed as his Oil pressure warning light was coming on. ‘I tried to straight line the corners to see if that helped, but when it didn’t I pulled off, rather than risk the engine. I don’t know but we’ve fitted a new ‘Big Wing’ sump, and that may be the trouble! Anyway there is no sense in risking it further.’  Jason however may have been lucky as the plume of ‘Smoke’ turned out to be steam, as the hose clip holding the water pipe to the pump had broken! ‘It was a new clip that was narrower than the more usual ones, so we’ll change and see what happens’ Changing it wasn’t as easy as it sounds as it was in an inaccessible place, but Jason and his pit crew, Brendan Evans and Callum McKenzie, got to work to dis-assemble the front of the car to get at the offending part. They were bent on replacing the ‘Wurth-less’clip and changing it for a 2002 clip (2002 was the Queens golden Jubilee, as we shouldn’t endorse a product by name, but you get the drift)

Race 2 15 minutes +1 lap – Rolling start


Jason is coming! Bradley John leads from Nick Crompton as Jason Davies has them both in his sights

So as Bradley lead the pack around, Jason joined in at the very back, as the grid for race 2 is set from the results of race 1. At the lights Bradley lead the pack around from Hatchets, but in the early laps Nick Crompton was closer than he had been in the early laps of race 1. Meanwhile Jason had picked his way through the smaller, less powerful cars, as you might expect, and at the end of lap 1 he was behind Fabio in 7th place! By the end of lap 2 he was into 3rd place, but still at a relatively modest pace! Bradley was leading from Nick but by only a few hundredths! Jason meanwhile had begun to pick up his pace and set the races’ fastest lap on lap 3 as he cruised up to Nick & Bradley. Then Jason pounced on lap 4 and went from 3rd to 1st in one dramatic move! Afterwards he commented ‘I said to dad that I’m going to see if the engine holds the boost after the first lap. If it does, then I’m going to go for it!’   Nick soon passed Bradley but wasn’t able to challenge Jason as he moved away to win by 12 seconds! Nick said after ‘I could see Bradleys’ tyres were going off, and I was just about to try to pass him, when Jason passed us both!’ Later on Bradley fell back and was passed by Fabio and fell back further to come under pressure from Ken James! In the end Bradley just held on to 4th place by 0.2 secs from the charging Loco Hornet! In the early laps in a tight bunch, Damian Longatano was 4th ahead Andy Williams, Fabio, and Ken himself and Glynne. However first Fabio, and then Ken made their way through the pack. Damian stabilised himself in 6th place, Glynne was 7th and Andy was 8th. Behind them Mellissa was 9th and the last of the un-lapped runners. However she had Dave Scaramanga as close company for most of the way, and her efforts inspired the Marshals on Post 3 to nominate her for the ‘Driver of the Race’ award. In 11th place, Daryl Radford was the Class BS winner! He got a good start and was high as 9th in the early laps until Mellissa & Dave got past. He then spent the rest of the race making sure he had a gap to Tyrone, who in 12th place was going a good job of bottling up Adam Jones, Daryl’s Class BS sparring partner! Gareth Haycock was 14th with Richard Francis in 15th. Richard was hoping some new tyres would give him a boost, however his fastest lap time was slower than in Race 1! Behind him was a classic duel between Mat Harris & Colin Dunn! Colin had Mat under pressure and nipped past to take 17th place in the closing laps, but Mat fought back and there was only 0.3 secs between then at the end! In 18th to 20th, Mark with his MG ZR won the battle of the Williams’ this time from first time racer Mark and his VW Polo! Darren Hockley (Honda Civic) was keeping them honest. Alan Smith was 21st and Darren Osborne was 22nd and last! Ellis Wiggins was the only retirement. So Jason reeled off the final laps to win by over 12 secs from Nick Crompton, with Fabio in 3rd place. After Fabio gave his opinion on the new track, ‘The new section of the track is fantastic. It’ a great leveller, the smaller powered cars are really doing well. My car is only 1000cc, so let’s hope it brings more people into the sport!’  20170521_160240 Afterwards Jason celebrated with his family and his team and reflected on going from Hero to Zero and then back from Zero to Hero all in one day! Should be a new ride at Oakwood, the local West Wales fun park! More than that with Tyrone Luffarelli taking another maximum score, Jason must be grateful that ‘two dropped scores’ are now part of the regulations, as it is keeping his championship hopes very much alive!  Times at http://www.tsl-timing.com/file/?f=BARC/2017/172021wss.pdf

(report by Rob Allender. Action photos by Steve Williams)

Sunday 23 April 2017 – Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship  – Pembrey ‘Classic Circuit’

Jason takes double win at Pembrey -Chris chases hard! Tyrone & Dave also break records!

Entry & Qualifying


Jason Davies – Numreo Uno!

The first 2 races in the 2017 championship were held on the ‘Classic’ course at Pembrey on Sunday April 23rd, which in contrast to Saturday, was overcast, slightly chilly, by dry. 2016 Champion Jason Davies, carrying the Champions number 1 on his car headed the timesheets, with a Pole lap of 60.949 secs! Jason has been busy over the ‘closed’ season and said he was well pleased with changes to his Class CS Ford Sierra Cosworth turbo. Chris Everill (61.517)was alongside with his Class D Ginetta G50. On the second row and both with times in 63 second bracket were the Class CS duo of Ken James (Loco Hornet)  & Bradley John, with a bonnet full of bright & shiny bits on his Evo. On the 3rd row (64 seconds) was Fabio Luffarelli was 6th in his VW Corrado silhouette, now in the family colours of Green & White!  Alongside was Damian Longatano, with a few new bits on his Westfield.

On row 4 Andy Williams (65.501) and Tyrone Luffarelli (67.196) broke up the trend, but it was a fine effort by Tyrone to get his Peugeot 106, so far up the grid! Also in the 67s on row 5 were Glynne Jones (BMW E26) & Dave Scaramanga (VW Sicrocco). On Row 5 were Mike Moss (Westfield) & Graham Haycock (VW). On Row 6 were Anthony Weeks (Mazda RX 6 Rotary) and Colin Dunn (Renault Clio Williams).

On row 7 was Melissa Luffarelli, (returning to the Championship after her travels, to drive the quick Moto-Mini) and Andrew Williams with a nice new wrap on his MG XR. On the penultimate row was newcomer Matt Harries and his Porsche 944 S2. However Matt and the Porker were having gearbox problems which was restricting  his pace. He was joined by Nick Rocke, who also had a nice new wrap on his Ford Fiesta.  On the final row were Alan Smith and Richard Francis who were both having car problems which restricted their pace.

2017 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship – Race 1 – 15 minutes + 1lap. Rolling start.

As the cars came around to the start, Jason Davies took the lead and was pulling away from Chris Everill. Gareth Haycook looped around at Honda, ‘Trying too hard on cold tyres’ but he got going again, to continue!  However the race barely lasted a few laps before it was stopped with a Red Flag! Ken James had gone straight on at Hatchets, when the lower wishbone broke and left him without steering or real brakes. Ken was uninjured and the car was undamaged, but as it was stuck in a dangerous place, it needed a suspended tow to get it back to the paddock!

The re-start – 11 laps. At the restart it was the same again as Jason headed the field and drew away from Chris Everill, by banging in some early quick laps! In the paddock after it was plain to see how hard Jason was pushing, as he had got little sideways on the far side of circuit, and dropped a wheel onto the grass, slightly damaging the bodywork! (actually durinh this period, Jason managed to shave some time from his own Class lap record) Chris tried as hard as he could to remain in touch and although Jason was some 5 secs up by lap five, Chris had also pulled away from the rest of the field by a similar amount! Bradley John was 3rd initially with Andy Williams 4th but with Fabio Luffarelli in close contact! Fabio passed Andy for 4th place early on, and it became 3rd place as Bradley took the Mitsubishi into the pits, as his oil pressure had begun to disappear. He did one more slow lap before retiring to the paddock with a possible split oil cooler being the culprit! Damian Longatano was now 5th with Glynne Jones in 6th, and the top 6 remained the same for the rest of the race!

In 7th place Tyrone Luffarelli was pedalling his Peugeot 106 in fine style, but he had Dave Scaramanga and his VW for very close company throughout the race. Indeed the competition between them was so fierce that each of them set a new Class Lap Record in the process! Tyrone broke the Class BT lap record and left it at 67.519 secs and Dave   broke the CT record and left it at 67.181 secs! There was only was only 0.5 of a second between them at the end! Dave was the last runner to complete 11 laps! In 9th place was Mike Moss with Melissa Luffarelli completing the top ten after, rising up through the field as she got used to her Moto-Mini again.  In the midfield, Gareth Haycock (VW) who finished 11th had Anthony Weeks rorty Rotary Maxda (12th) for close company! Richard Francis had fixed his car problem with his Saxo and pulled up well to finish 13th, winning the ‘The Driver of the Race’ for his efforts! He had Colin Dunn for company (14th). Newcomer Matt Harries and his Porsche 944 S2 was 15th. However Matt and the Porker were having gearbox problems, such as not knowing what, if any gear he would get next! This obviously restricted his pace.  Andrew Williams (MG XR) held 16th place for a long time, but under pressure from Nick Rocke, who nipped by in the closing laps to take 16th and push Andrew back to 17th place. 18th and last was Alan Smith, who had been going well, but then dramatically slowed in the final lap!

So Jason won and set the fastest lap with Chris 2nd & Fabio 3rd.  After the race, when the commentator, Peter Hughes suggested that a pole, a win & fastest lap, was an ideal way to start his title defence, Jason commented, ‘I cant fault it. It’s like carrying on from where we left off last season. We ran a low boost set up, but it looks like all the work we did in the winter has paid off. We happy with a clean sweep, lets hope we can do it in race 2!’ Chris Everill confirmed he couldn’t do anything about getting really close to Jason. ‘I was better through some of the corners, but he pulls away on the straights. We got another race later on, so we’ll go back & make some changes and see if we can pick up some more pace later on!’ Fabio was 3rd in his 998cc machine, and confirmed to Peter ‘I’m glad I finished, the clutch was causing a problem but we’ll fix that, but I’m delighted to be 3rd!

Race 2 15 minutes plus 1 lap – Rolling start

As the grid lined up for race 2 we were missing a few souls. Bradley, & Ken James were obviously out, but Alan Smith couldn’t fix his lack of power, so headed home to Yorkshire. Matt Harries was made of sterner stuff, and decided if he could find a gear, he would start. Luckily he found 3rd gear, so on he went! At the lights Chris Everill made a lighting start and took the lead! It was only for a few yards as Jason powered through, but Chris had a fast starting Fabio on his tail! Behind them, Damian Longatano got a good start, as did Glynne Jones who was ahead of Andy Williams. Glynne & Andy passed Damian early on, but Glynne was really flying after improving the traction on the BMW and began close on to Fabio. However the mouth-watering prospect of Glynne and Fabio having a dice, faded as Glynne had to move to fuel saving mode! Andy was the last unlapped runner in 5th place. Damian dropped away to finish 6th ahead of Mike Moss (7th) with Tyrone Luffarelli in 8th place. Although the top 8 places remained static there was an intriguing prospect of the first ever Bro v Sis dice as Melissa had moved into 9th place, but then Tyrone raised his pace and the prospect dimmed! However late in the race, dad Fabio reminded his son and daughter just who was the boss, and lapped both of them, but we had a Green & White wash as all 3 cars of the Luffarelli team headed towards the chequered flag in formation! This time the race for the full distance, and as Jason powered on towards his 2nd win of the day, Melissa was the last runner on 15 laps.

This time the best action came in the midfield and rounding out the top 10 was Anthony Weeks and his flame spitting rotary grill machine, after a big dice with Gareth Haycock, which impressed the marshals so much the nominated Anthony as the ‘Driver of the Race’! Richard Francis had the bit between his teeth and passed Gareth late on to finish in an excellent 11th.  Gareth finished 12th with Colin Dunn coming close  to finish13th. Matt Harries magnificently motored on in  3rd gear to finish 14th. Nick was 15th with Andrew Williams 16th. After starting well, Dave Scaramanga was the only retirement!

So Jason reeled off the laps for his 2nd win of the day. This time Chris Everill did keep him in sight for some of the way. Fabio was 3rd but some way back. But Tyrone upheld the Luffarelli family honour, by taking an early lead of the Championship with a strategic use of his Joker! The next races are at Pembrey on May 20/21 when the Irish racers come over, and that’s usually a hoot!

Race 1 & 2 awards are on Facebook and also paddock scenes!.

2017 OVERALL POINTS after 2 rounds

Full results on  http://www.tsl-timing.com/file/?f=BARC/2017/171621wss.pdf

The 2017 Colin Gundersen Trophy – Dave Scaramanga holds narrow lead after 4 rounds

Hi re the 2017 Colin Gundersen Trophy – points after 4 rounds.  Dave Scaramanga still holds a narrow lead after 4 rounds from Tyrone Luffarelli with his Dad Fabio in 3rd place, with Richard Francis a close 4th. With the last 2 races held on the ‘New’ Circuit Layout, the first race established the Class Lap Records giving us a benchmark for the 2nd race. The next scoring rounds are at Pembrey on Sunday JULY  23rd  (Rules for The Colin Gundersen Memorial Trophy for the Class Fastest Race Lap at Pembrey +2017 Gundersen Trophy Calculations are attached for reference.

Points after 4 rounds
Class Driver Points
CT Dave Scaramanga 301.50826
BT Tyrone Luffarelli 300.17632
M Fabio Luffarelli 294.90256
AS Richard Francis 294.84110
BS Daryl Radford 292.99610
BS Anthony Weeks 292.99608
AT Alan Smith 287.77981
CS Jason Davies 201.82763
CS Martin Davies 100.00000
D Chris Everill 98.34041

WSSCC Points after 6 rounds – Tyrone still leads but Jason Davies moves up to 2nd place!


Championship Points OVERALL POINTS 2017
 wsscc_logo Red = Joker                               x Not entered
Name Car No Class RD  1  Pemb RD  2 Pemb RD  3   Pemb RD  4  Pemb RD  5  MP RD  6    MP Total
1 Tyronne Luffarelli Peugeot 106 24 BT 21 42 19 19 21 21 143
2 Jason Davies Ford Sierra Cosworth 1 CS 21 21 0 21 21 21 105
3 Mat Harries Porsche 944 94 CT 14 16 16 16 17 17 96
4 Fabio Luffarelli Volkswagen Corrado 70 M 17 17 17 17 17 1 86
6 Dave Scaramanga VW Scirocco 2 CT 19 1 42 21 0 0 83
7 Andy Williams Ford Sierra Saphire 22 CS 18 16 12 8 14 14 82
8 Melissa Luffarelli Mini Saloon 10 M 14 14 14 14 0 16 72
9 Bradley John Mitsubishi Evo 27 CS 0 0 20 16 18 18 72
10 Gareth Haycock VW Scirocco 17 CT 16 18 18 18 0 0 70
11 Damian Longotano Westfield S2000 44 CS 16 14 16 12 12 0 70
12 Colin Dunn Renault Clio Williams 19 BT 18 18 16 16 0 0 68
13 Nick Crompton Mitsubishi Evo 80 CS x x 18 18 16 16 68
14 Nick Rocke Ford Fiesta 21 BT 16 16 x x 18 18 68
15 Andrew Williams MG ZR 105 88 BT 14 14 24 14 x x 66
16 Richard Francis Citreon Saxo VTR 48 AS 14 14 14 14 x x 56
17 Mark Wiliams Volswahen Polo 180 CT x x 14 14 14 14 56
18 Glynne Jones BMW E6 26 CS 14 18 10 10 x x 52
19 Alan Smith Ford Ka 13 AT 14 0 14 14 x x 42
20 Daryl Radford Honda Civic 181 BS x x 19 21 x x 40
21 Adam Jones Honda Civic 222 BS x x 20 18 x x 38
22 Verity Banks MG ZR 53 BT x x x x 16 16 32
23 Darren Hockley Honda Civic 62 BS x x 14 16 x x 30
24 Elis Wiggins Vauxhall Nova 86 BS x x 16 0 14 0 30
25 Chris Everill Gineta G50 69 D 14 14 x x x x 28
26 Anthony Weeks Mazda RX6 41 BS 14 14 x x x x 28
27 Ken James Loco Hornet 77 CS 0 0 14 14 x x 28
28 Darren Orsborn BMW 3 Series 71 BS x x 12 14 x x 26
29 Mike Moss Westfield 14 CS 12 12 x x x x 24
30 Martin Davies Ford Sierra Cosworth 32 CS x x 1 0 x x 1

Class Points

Name Class Car RD  1  Pemb RD  2 Pemb RD  3   Pemb RD  4  Pemb RD  5  MP RD  6    MP RD 7  Pemb Total
Richard Francis AS Citreon Saxo VTR 14 14 14 14 x x 56
Alan Smith AT Ford Ka 14 0 14 14 x x 42
 Class BS
1 Daryl Radford BS Honda Civic x x 19 21 x x 40
2 Adam Jones BS Honda Civic x x 20 18 x x 38
3 Darren Hockley BS Honda Civic x x 14 16 x x 30
4 Elis Wiggins BS Vauxhall Nova x x 16 0 14 0 30
5 Anthony Weeks BS Mazda RX6 14 14 x x x x 28
6 Darren Orsborn BS BMW 3 Series x x 12 14 x x 26
 Class BT
1 Tyronne Luffarelli BT Peugeot 106 21 42 19 19 21 21 143
2 Colin Dunn BT Renault Clio Williams 18 18 16 16 0 0 68
3 Nick Rocke BT Ford Fiesta 16 16 x x 18 18 68
4 Andrew Williams BT MG ZR 105 14 14 24 14 x x 66
5 Verity Banks BT MG ZR x x x x 16 16 32
 Class CS
1 Jason Davies CS Ford Sierra Cosworth 21 21 0 21 21 21 105
2 Andy Williams CS Ford Sierra Saphire 18 16 12 8 14 14 82
3 Bradley John CS Mitsubishi Evo 0 0 20 16 18 18 72
4 Damian Longotano CS Westfield S2000 16 14 16 12 12 0 70
5 Nick Crompton CS Mitsubishi Evo x x 18 18 16 16 68
6 Glynne Jones CS BMW E6 14 18 10 10 x x 52
7 Ken James CS Loco Hornet 0 0 14 14 x x 28
8 Mike Moss CS Westfield 12 12 x x x x 24
9 Martin Davies CS Ford Sierra Cosworth x x 1 0 x x 1
 Class CT
1 Mat Harries CT Porsche 944 14 16 16 16 17 17 96
2 Dave Scaramanga CT VW Scirocco 19 1 42 21 0 0 83
3 Gareth Haycock CT VW Scirocco 16 18 18 18 0 0 70
4 Mark Wiliams CT Volkswagen Polo x x 14 14 14 14 56
Chris Everill D Gineta G50 14 14 x x x x 28
 Class M
1 Fabio Luffarelli M Volkswagen Corrado 17 17 17 17 17 1 86
2 Melissa Luffarelli M Mini Saloon 14 14 14 14 0 16 72

Ben Hingeley F3 Spa win + Seb n Rick stay 2nd in Brit GT but Ryan n Lee drop to 9th

WRDA member Ben Hingeley moved to 4th place in the 2017 BRDC British F3 Championship, after he blasted to super win in race 1 at Spa last weekend, and has proved himself a real race winner and a threat to the current points leaders James Pull, Toby Sowery and Enaam Ahmed .  Starting from 3rd place on the grid, 19 year old Ben from Abergele, driving the Fortec prepared car, stalked Sowery and Ahmed, overtaking them both in the early laps, with some forceful  moves , and drove well to record a win by just over a second from Ahemd.

After he said “Last time out I claimed a win on a brilliant track like Silverstone and I’ve done the same today so I’m really made up. I got a great start and a lovely tow down the back straight on both Toby Sowery and Enaam Ahmed. I managed to get around the outside of Enaam and then I pushed on to catch Toby and I had the pace on him. I caught him and got a really nice tow down the back straight into the chicane. He defended to the inside, I went to the outside, out-braked him and got the move done.

As we went through the right I had the inside for the left and I’m not sure if because he took a tighter line, he understeered but there was a bit of contact which pushed me off the track and I had to take to the escape road a little bit. These things happen with racing and without the contact I would have made the corner quite comfortably. We’ll go again now, we’ve got the night to think about anything we need to change and try and figure out why the rear tyres went off a little bit and we’ll come back tomorrow to try and get another two wins.”

However Saturday starter as a bit of a downer,  as Ben after a race to forget in Race 2, spending three laps in the pits early on following contact on the opening lap from fellow race one podium finisher Guilherme Samaia. The Brazilian driver retired in the pits and was handed a five place grid penalty for race 3 by the stewards. Ben  recovered to finish an unclassified 16th.

But Ben then bounced back to finish 3rd in the final race of the weekend.  Ben confirmed “It’s great to be back on the podium coming from sixth place on the grid, especially after what happened in race two – that really put us on the back foot.       I think the track had changed today from yesterday especially this morning when it was a bit quicker, and after the GT race it seemed to slow down a lot. It probably hurt us a bit more than it hurt the other two and they had just a tenth or two more every lap which helped them get away. In the end that was enough and I couldn’t catch them. I was hoping that their battling would bring them closer to me but it didn’t happen and third was the best we could do I think.”

However the points scored have moved Ben into 4th place, only 8 points behind James Pull in 3rd place & 17 points behind Tony Sowery in 2nd place!

The next rounds are at Brands Hatch on 5/6th August.

Current 2017 British F3 points

1st Enaam Ahmed – (Carlin Racing) – 399pts

2nd   Tony Sowery –  (Lannan Racing)317pts

3rd James Pull – (Carlin Racing) – 308pts

4th Ben Hingeley  (Fortec)-300pts

 —————————— British GT Championship Report ——————–

Seb & Rick still 2nd overall after a tough weekend at the Spa

Two incident-packed British GT Championship races  at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium on Saturday, 8th July, delivered a best finishes of 3rd and 5th places for Welsh racer Seb Morris and team-mate Rick Parfitt Jnr but still left Bentley Continental duo in 2nd place in the points, although now 12 points adrift  in the standings.

Ending round seven fifth on the road and round eight seventh, (but with several drivers participating at Spa on a one-off , no points scoring basis) meant that Seb & Rick were actually third and fifth.

The pace of the Team Parker Racing drivers  in Car 31, was undeniable, with Morris setting a new GT3 lap record for Spa in round seven to earn the Sunoco Fastest Driver of the Weekend award.

For the car 31, the weekend started well with Rick taking pole for race one pole, nut neither of the event’s contests went according to plan.  With a 10 second ‘success penalty’, resulting from their win last time out at Silverstone, applied to the driver change pit-stop in the opening race, Rick Parfitt Jnr needed to try and make the most of his pole position to limit the impact. With just two racing laps completed in the first half of the race though, due to a pair of Safety Car periods, the task proved impossible and after the pit-stop Seb took over but finished fifth on the road, but 3rd in the points!.

In round eight, a realistic bid for the podium was ended by an unfortunate drive-through penalty linked to a track limits infringement. Running in second position late in the contest, Rick Parfitt Jnr eventually finished in seventh place overall (5th in the points) after serving the penalty with less than 10 minutes to go.

“It’s not been the weekend we hoped for but, on the upside, we haven’t lost that many points to the championship leaders and I’m obviously pleased to have achieved Fastest Driver of the Weekend again to prove our pace”, reflected Morris, “All of our focus now is on the next round at Brands Hatch where I’m sure we’ll be competitive. The first race was full of Safety Cars, so Rick couldn’t work his magic there in the opening stint, plus we had the success penalty in the pit stop which cost us another 10 seconds so fifth wasn’t a bad result in the end. With all of the problems in race two, coming away with some decent points and staying second in the championship was the best we could hope for.”

However it was happy days for the Team Parker Racing drivers in Car 7, Ian Loggie and Callum MacLeod who was 2nd in race 1 and actually won race 2, an excellent result for the Jules Westwood engineered car. The Points have put Loggie & MacLeod up to 8th place in the points standings!

For Ryan Ratcliffe and Lee Mowle it was a tough weekend. Lee has slowest in his qualifying session although Ryan was 9th in his. The Groundhog Mercedes  finished  9th in race 1, and  8th in race 2.

British GT returns back to UK soil for the next event on the 2017 calendar, the annual visit to Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit in Kent, over the weekend 5th/6th August.

———– Spa Preview ————–

Welsh drivers Ben Hingeley, Seb Morris and Ryan Ratcliffe are heading to the classic Belgian drivers circuit at Spa-Francorchamps  for the annual  visit of the British F3 & British GT Championship package.

Ben on his way to win at Silverstone!

Abergele racer Ben Hingeley will be looking to add to his tally in the British Formula 3 championship, after winning at Silverstone! Driving the Fortec prepared car, Ben started well, and with a sweeping move from 4th place on the gird, took the lead at Copse Corner, and then charged on to his 2nd win of the year!




Rick sweeps into the lead at Silverstone! photo by Jakob Ebrey Photography

In the British GT championship, Seb Morris from Wrexham, and his team-mate Rick Parfitt Jnr and the Team Parker Racing (TPR) squad, are also looking for win number 3, having won the last 2 rounds, the 2 hr race at Rockingham and the 3 hr race at Silverstone.

However the format now reverts back to two x One Hour sprint races for Spa and the next date at Brands Hatch, before the finale at Donington, which is a 2 hour race. After  winning the three-hour Silverstone 500 by of more than a minute , Morris and Parfitt Jnr’s sensational result also meant they closed to within just four points behind the of Lamborghini Huracan pair of Phil Keen and Jon (Demon Tweeks)  Minshaw.  (Although how Seb & Rick are not actually leading the championship by a substantial margin, after winning 2 of the major long distance races, is down to the quirky British GT points system!  As it is 2 x 1 hour race wins, score more points than a 2 hour race win, and the 3 hr race scores no more points than the 2 hour race!)   

However in 2016 they were a mere 0.6 seconds shy of victory at the Belgian Grand Prix venue,  so Seb (ably backed up by Rick) will undoubtedly be ultra-quick again and likely to be a genuine contenders for silverware.  From Seb n Ricks’ perspective, consistently strong scores in both 60-minute contests at Spa are key. The task will be made much harder, as off the back of the Silverstone win, the success penalty will apply to the driver-change pit-stop in the first race of the weekend!  Additionally, there will be an expanded grid at Spa with some hugely competitive entries from the likes of Barwell Motorsport and international squad Kessel Racing – with Lamborghini and Ferrari respectively, and European GT racing heavyweight Team WRT, and their factory Audi R8!

“It’s always amazing to race at Spa and I can’t wait to be back there”, said Morris, “Last year we had a fantastic result and hopefully we can try and go one better this time around and challenge for another win. It’s not going to be easy, especially in the first race where we have the success penalty from the win at Silverstone, but we’re feeling positive. The addition of Kessel, the WRT team, and another Barwell Lamborghini will only make the challenge greater, but it’s one we’re ready for and looking forward to. At Silverstone the Bentley was really able to stretch its legs and maximise its strengths and I hope we’ll be in a similar situation at Spa”, added Morris, “The guys at Team Parker have been doing an amazing job with the car, Rick is driving brilliantly and I’m happy with my form too. Without any issues next weekend, hopefully we can be competitive in both races and score well.”

Llanellis’ Ryan Ratcliffe & his team-mate Lee Mowle are currently 8th in the points standing, but seemed on course for even more points at Silverstone, until a massive, non- damaging spin by Ryan, dropped them back. This time they will be hoping that Spa suits their Groundhog Mercedes car better.

However ‘the Elephant in the room’  (i.e something that has relevance,  but which no-one wants to talk about) is the erratic and highly changeable Eifel weather, in which torrential rain can hit without warning, and this can turn a race on its head! Alternatively it might rain for the whole day, or not rain at all! Wet weather traction is the Bentley Continental’s Achilles heel, so everyone at TPR will be hoping for dry weather all weekend! Fortunately there is only one hairpin at Spa, the famous La Source hairpin, the first corner after the start. However once past the down-hill stretch from La Source to Eau Rouge, the climb up via Raddilion and the massive hill which is the Kemmel Straight to Les Combes, is surely Bentley (& maybe Mercedes) country! The rest of the circuit back to La Source is a pure drivers’ paradise!

As the 25 hour ‘Fun Cup’ race is due off on late Saturday, the opening practice for British GT at Spa will take place on Friday at 08.00 (UK time) on  7th July, with session two getting underway at 10.30 (UK time) and qualifying following at 15.15 (UK time). On Saturday, 8th July, round seven is scheduled to start at 08.20 (UK time) with round eight set to begin at 12.00 (UK time).


2017 British GT championship. In contrast to last years’ race, which has held in monsoon conditions, the 2017 visit to Silverstone was sunny and dry. Now renamed the Silverstone 500, the grid is decided when the best times of the drivers, set in separate sessions, were combined. Seb Morris & Rick Parfitt Jnr would start in 2nd place on the grid, with the Aston Martin of James Littlejohn & Jack Mitchell on pole! The other Team Parker Racing Bentley driven by Callum MacLeod & Ian Loggie was 5th fastest!

The ‘Groundhog’ Mercedes GT3 of Ryan Ratcliffe & Lee Mowle would start in 11th place, but the good news was that 3 of the cars in front of them would have to take pit-stop penalties due to their podium places in the last race at Snetterton!

Ryan commented ’We didn’t get the car sorted the way we like it’ Whilst Ryans’ team-mate Lee Mowle set the slowest time in his session, Ryans’ time was at least respectable, but not fast enough to alter their starting position!


Seb guides The Beast around the Last lap

The Race – Rolling Start. In the 3 hour (180 minutes) race, no driver can drive more than 100 minutes, and the car must make 3 pit-stops.  At the start of the race, Rick Parfitt took the lead at Copse Corner and began to draw away from the pack by about 1 second a lap! Rick was really ‘in the zone’ and was really flying, building a 7 second lead in only 7 laps!  Meanwhile Ian Loggie, in the 2nd No. 7 Bentley Continental car, was also upholding Team Parker Racing honours, and was harassing Jon Minshaw, the series leader, for all he was worth. Loggie eventually overtook Minshaw, and pulled away! Minshaw seemed to be under a further attack for his 4th place, but then he steadied the ship to run in 4th place. However Team Parker decided to make their driver change pit-stops early, which allowed Jon Minshaw and the ‘Demon Tweeks’ Lamborghini Hurrican to take the lead! A hot and sweaty Rick Parfitt Jnr expressed his satisfaction. ‘At the start, I tried to inch Jon onto the dirtier side of the track! I then drove as hard as I could. Not bad for singer’ However once the pit-stops had all been done, Seb had a 45 second lead from James Littlejohn in the Aston Martin. Team Parker decided the time had come for their 2nd stop and brought Seb and the number 31 Bentley Continental in, to hand back to Rick Parfitt! Rick emerged into 9th place initially. Meanwhile Callum MacLeod had moved into 2nd place and went on to set the races fastest lap in the process! However Ryan Ratcliffe and Lee Mowle remained stranded in 11th place, last of the GT3 runners, although they managed to rise to finish in 8th place. However it was the battle for lead that held the attention as the Team Parker Racing Bentleys moved up and down the order! However Team Parker made their killer move and did a final driver change, to put Seb back in the car for the final stint to the Chequered Flag! As the rest the leaders also made their pit-stops, Seb in the no.31 Bentley emerged with a 50 second lead, over the Littlejohn & Mitchell Aston Martin, which he extended to over 1 minute, at the end. As the race entered its final stage, the only thing that might wreck the Team Parker masterplan was a safety car period! Unfortunately almost on cue, Ian Loggie, lost control of the no.7 Bentley at Copse Corner and spun off backwards, skipping over the gravel trap and eventually making a fairly heavy contact with the tyre wall! Ian seemed ok, which could not be said of the car! However the vastly experienced Silverstone marshals were on hand and dragged the Bentley out of the way, with their specialist JCB! All this was done with a minimum of fuss and the prospect of a safety car period disappeared! All that then remained was for Seb to bring the car, affectionately known as ‘The Beast’, home! The Team Parker pits filled up with team personnel, friends and family! Sat in front of a huge bank of monitors, Sebs team-mate Rick, was watching the TV feed through his fingers, as Seb reeled off the remaining the minutes! Stuart DSCF2340Parker, Team Principal at Team Parker Racing calmly talked Seb through to the flag! However probably the calmest person in TPR was Seb himself and as he guided the Bentley around the final corners towards the chequered flag, the garage exploded into cheering, clapping and whopping, as Rick and the Team Parker Mechanics stormed the pit lane fencing, to cheer him home! (Late in the race Jon Minshaw had to do a Drive Thru, which dropped them to finish in 4th place overall)

So Seb brought the Bentley to rest in P1, underneath the podium, and there was time for celebration between Seb & Rick, TPR team personnel and family. (Sebs dad Phillip, was wearing the most enormous grin!), before the two drivers ascended to the podium to collect the British GT trophies, and also the special RAC Trophy that was last awarded for a 500-mile race at Brooklands on 24 September 1932, and the usual celebratory champagne!

Later, at the winners press conference ,Seb & Rick confirmed the special Team Parker Racing tactics that helped them to win a famous victory. Rick confirmed ‘We had a long sit down and decided we’d try and box as clever as we could, to run the car really light and do shorter stints.’ Seb said ‘When Rick told me the strategy he was thinking of, I thought it was really good work. Obviously we were saving about 70 kilos by not filling the car with a full fuel load, and doing long stints. We calculated that by doing shorter stints it was better than that, so that’s what we did!’ A clearly emotional Rick Parfitt Jnr also confirmed that he wanted to dedicate his win to his late father, Rick Parfitt, who died suddenly last Christmas. ‘He came to see me this time last year, and I’m sure if he have been able to come this year to see this, he would have loved it. Its a real shame he’s not with us, but I’m sure he’s looking down, and I hope he’s real proud!’

The points gained by Rick n Seb have narrowed the gap, and now there is only 4 points between them (115 points) and the points leaders, Minshaw & Keen (119 points). The next rounds in the 2017 British GT Championship are due on 7th & 8th July at the famous Spa Francorchamps circuit, which is among most drivers’ favourite venues!

A gallery of the pit & paddock photos are on the WRDA facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pg/TheWRDA/photos/?ref=page_internal

http://www.sebmorris.com/  http://www.britishgt.com/ Action images supplied courtesy Jakob Ebrey Photography


Happy Families! Ben and his Mum, Dad & uncle celebrate his fine win at Silverstoen (photo by Rob Allender)

Ben storms to F3 Victory! In the latest rounds of the 2017 BRDC British F3 Championship, held on the full ‘Grand Prix’ circuit at Silverstone, Ben Hingeley scored his 2nd win of the season, in Sundays’ races. In the first race of the day, Abergele driver Ben Hingeley in his Fortec Racing run car, made a great start from 4th place on the grid to grab the lead at Copse Corner! Ben, who then held the lead throughout the race, drove well to win by over 2 seconds! Afterwards he saidI was starting in the middle of it all in fourth place, but I managed to get a great start, that was a real factor in the race win. Getting into first place after the first lap was what I dreamed off really. They came back at me towards the end, and I had to hang on a little, but I’m really happy with it. I’m not sure where I’m starting the next race yet, but after that performance I’ve got strong pace!’ However, in the final race of the day, he was unable to repeat the feat. A clash with firstly, Callum O’Keefe and then Manuel Maldonado, restricted him to 10th place, but it may have been as good as a win, as it demonstrated his fighting qualities!

The points gained has increased his total to 241, which is good enough for 5th place. However he is only 6 points behind the driver in 3rd and only 11 points behind James Pull who is in 2nd place! The championship is led by British driver Enaam Ahmed who has 310 points! The next rounds are due on 7th & 8th July at the famous Spa Francorchamps  circuit!


Silverstone preview Welsh Drivers Seb Morris, Ryan Ratcliffe and their team-mates Rick Parfitt and Lee Mowle will be at Silverstone this Sunday for the latest round of the 2017 British GT Championship. This weeks ‘race on the ‘Grand Prix’ course, will be 3 hours long!  This is a decent distance for a GT race, on a circuit with the right kind of facilities! Which is a contrast to the Micky Mouse 1 hour races on circuits stuck in the past, that make up part of the series!  Currently Seb Morris and Rick Parfitt are 2nd in the 2017 championship, only 25 points the leaders. This is despite the efforts of the organisers, who seem to want to inflict draconian punishments on Morris, for minor discretions! In the latest incident Morris was handed a drive-through penalty, for alleged contact between  Morris’ Bentley and a Ferrari at the start! This did not take into account the fact that the other car had 2 wheels in the pit-lane, and therefore had exceeded the track limits!



Ryan Ratcliffe – hoping to get on the podium after a near miss in 2016! (photo by Rob Allender)

This was inconsistent bearing in mind that after Ryan & Lee had finished seventh on the road, they  had five seconds added to the ‘Groundhog’ Mercedes-AMG race time for track limits violations, which dropped them behind the Ferrari that hit Morris’ Bentley!

Another of the series mind-boggling aspects, is the pit-stop procedure! It is accepted endurance racing practice, that the mechanics can only change tyres after the car has been loaded with fuel! The car is then normally free to drive away! However in the British series, the car must remain stationary for at least 30 seconds, plus any relevant success penalty! In the 1st Snetterton race Seb & Rick had a 30 second time penalty applied which dropped them to  seventh in the final classification after the mid-race driver change pit-stop was deemed to have been completed a miniscule 0.1 seconds too fast!

The organisers also conspired to bungle the race at Rockingham, denying Seb & Rick the proper chance to toast their race win!  Not withstanding all these problems Seb is confident of a good result

“We’re a lot stronger around Silverstone than we were at Snetterton, so we’re aiming to be back where we should be, in the fight for the podium, and hopefully we’ll be in a position to try and challenge for the win”, said Morris.

“The longer races do tend to suit us more and Silverstone is a track where the Bentley can really come into its own, so we’re going there feeling much more confident than we were at Snetterton. We always knew that would be a tough weekend but the Team Parker guys did a fantastic job with the car and we came away with decent points. We’re aiming much higher for Silverstone.”

Opening free practice at Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit will take place on Saturday, 10th June, at 09.30 with the second session following at 12.25 ahead of the all-important qualifying period for round six which gets underway at 16.05.

On Sunday, 11th June, the brief 10-minute warm-up starts at 10.05 with the big race – which will be screened live in the UK on free-to-air channel Front Runner – scheduled to commence at 13.35.


Ben Hingley current;y 3rd! (photo by Rob Allender)

Ben Hingley from Abergele will be at Silverstone too for the next 3 races in the 2017 BRDC F3 Championship, and he will be looking add to more wins to his debut win for the Fortec team at Rockingham. Ben is curently 3rd in the championship, only 1o points behind American driver Cameron Das, who is in 2nd place

1. Ahmed, E 241pts
2. Das, C 197pts
3. Hingeley, B 186pts


Silverstone 500 winners to be awarded 1932 ‘RAC Trophy’

The overall winning drivers of British GT’s blue riband Silverstone 500 race will lift a historical piece of silverware next weekend (June 10/11) following the unveiling of the event’s new standalone trophy.

British GT organisers announced the prize at the end of 2016 and have since worked closely with Silverstone’s owners, the British Racing Drivers’ Club, to identify a suitably significant piece of silverware. Its archive contains many such examples but, together, the BRDC and SRO Motorsports Group have selected the ‘RAC Trophy’ that was previously awarded for a 500-mile race at Brooklands on 24 September 1932.

Back then it was common practice for prominent sporting bodies and organisations to sponsor individual awards. The Royal Automobile Club was no exception and presented its cup to BRDC Member William Alexander Cuthbert and his co-driver Cecil Wingfield Fiennes who finished fourth in 1932’s race driving a Riley 1100.

Almost a century ago the ‘500’ was considered one of the BRDC’s and Brooklands’ showpiece events. Indeed, Motor Sport Magazine’s season review, taken from its December 1932 issue, described it as “one of the finest races staged at Brooklands in years,” and “The ‘500’ added still further to its reputation as the finest race of the year at Brooklands.”

But when the circuit was requisitioned on the eve of WWII and subsequently sold in 1946, so the Club’s attention switched to another RAF base: Silverstone.

British GT has staged its own version of the ‘500’ there since 2012, which The Home Of British Motor Racing is now keen to formally recognise as a flagship event in its annual calendar. As such, this year’s race weekend will feature a prominent ‘Supercar Sunday’ display as well as family entertainment, open paddock, free grandstand access and pit walk.

Benjamin Franassovici, British GT Championship Manager: “The Silverstone 500 has gathered momentum since we first staged the race in 2012 and is very much seen as our season’s blue riband event. We were keen to further emphasise this by awarding a historically significant trophy to the overall winners and, thanks to the BRDC’s efforts, will be doing so for the first time this year. The trophy is stunning and a wonderful way of aligning our season’s biggest race with a genuine piece of British motorsport history. Whoever wins it can be mightily proud to see their name engraved on its silver and mahogany base.”

Adult tickets for next weekend’s Silverstone 500 start at just £12 while children aged 15 and under can attend for free all weekend. Visit www.silverstone.co.uk/events/british-gt-championship/ for more information.


Saturday 10 June
09:30 – 10:30: Free Practice 1
12:25 – 13:25: Free Practice 2
16:05 – 16:15: Qualifying – GT3 Am
16:19 – 16:29: Qualifying – GT3 Pro
16:33 – 16:43: Qualifying – GT4 Am
16:48 – 16:58: Qualifying – GT4 Pro

Sunday 11 June
10:05 – 10:15: Warm-up
13:35 – 16:35: Race


It was a hard weekend for Welsh drivers Seb Morris, Ryan Ratcliffe Ben Hingley at Snetterton this weekend in the latest races in The 2017 Brdc F3 & British GT Championship.

DSCF1845Ben from Abergele, who was a winner last time out in The British F3 Championship but could only manage a set of minor places with a 5th, a 4th, and 7th places in the 3 races over the weekend. The only consolation was that he was the leading Fortec runner on each occasion!  https://www.facebook.com/BenHingeley/   http://www.britishf3.com/




The British GT Championship Snetterton does not have a pit-lane large enough to cope with re-fuelling and driver changes, there will be two 1 hour race for Seb and Ryan and their teammates.

In common with the Pro/Am format of the championship, the AM drivers, Rick Parfitt and Lee Mowle will start race 1 before handing over to their teammates, but this is reversed in Race 2!

Team Parker drivers just miss out on second podium of season

  • Morris pleased to emerge from tough event with consistent points.

Seb Morris declared himself satisfied with two hard-fought points finishes during rounds four and five of the British GT Championship at Snetterton on Sunday, 28th May, after a challenging visit to the Norfolk track delivered a best result of fourth position. Prior to the weekend Seb said That consistent points scoring would be the chief objective and despite some dramas along the way he and team-mate Rick Parfitt Jnr scored enough points to end the weekend still second in the championship.

Qualifying exceeded all expectations for the duo with Snetterton not a favoured track for the Bentley Continental GT3. Parfitt Jnr lapped third fastest in the ‘Am’ session for the round four grid, while Welshman Morris was the fourth quickest of the Pro drivers in the round five session.

After racing to fourth place in the opening one-hour contest, a luckless 30 second time penalty applied post-race dropped the team-mates back to seventh in the final classification –( the mid-race driver change pit-stop deemed to have been completed a miniscule 0.1 seconds too fast!)  However this promoted the Groundhog Mercedes of Ryan Ratcliffe & Lee Mowle up to 4th place, their best result with their new car!

Aiming to make amends in race two, Seb made contact off the start between the Bentley and a Ferrari, as the lead contenders jostled for position, which resulted in a drive-through penalty for Morris. Even so, an inspired early driver change, mated to a little bit of good fortune with a Safety Car period soon after, delivered fourth spot for the Team Parker drivers just 0.2 seconds shy of the podium! “The drive-through penalty was unfortunate, I didn’t see Matt [Griffin] was there and it was just one of those racing incidents”, reflected Morris, “We made a good call with the early [driver change] pit-stop, when the Safety Car came out it worked in our favour and Rick did a good job to bring the car home in fourth. He was only 0.2 secs behind so we might have been able to take a podium, but fourth is fine from this weekend!’ Ryan & Lee ended race 2 in 8th place

There are now only two weeks to wait until round six of the British GT season, the 3 hour race, which will take place over the weekend 10th/11th June at Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit in Northamptonshire.

2017 British GT Championship Driver Standings  

1st Jon Minshaw & Phil Keen      101 points

2nd Seb Morris & Rick Parfitt Jnr, 77.5pts

3rd Derek Johnson & Johnny Adam 74 pts

4th Ryan Ratcliffe & Lee Mowle 35 pts

In the interval since the Rockingham win Seb as not been idle, as Andy Meyrick, his friend and Mentor, fixed up drives in a 6 hour race on the classic Nordschleife, the 12.9 mile 124 corner original part of the Nurburgring, and also a race in the ‘Trofeo Lamborghini’ at Silverstone.  Seb put up a good performance in his debut on the Nordschleife, moving the BMW up to 3rd place, during his stint, as position his German team-mates held until the end, giving Seb a podium visit on his debut. His performance in the wet practice session at Silverstone in the ‘Trofeo Lamborghini’race, again enhanced his growing reputation as a GT racer!



The race will be screened live in the UK on free-to-air digital channel Front Runner. http://www.frontrunner.tv/

Andy Meyrick also has not been idle, having scored points with 5th place on his debut with the Motorsport 98 Ligier JS P3 in Michelin Le Mans Cup race at Monza recently.   http://andymeyrick.com/news/view/109



Bentley Oulton 2After a two-hour race at Rockingham on Sunday 30th April, that will be remembered as a thrilling contest with an uncertain ending ,Rick Parfitt Jnr and Seb Morris, driving the Team Parker Racing Bentley claimed victory in the 3rd round of  the 2017 British GT, after a confusing race full of Safety Cars and penalties!

After Qualifying, Rick started the Bentley in 5th place, and Lee Mowle started the Groundhog Mercedes in  6th place! The 2hr mini-enduro race began with the Aston Martin of pole-sitter Derek Johnston retaining the lead from the Lamborghini Hurruican  of points leader Jon Minshaw,.

After a brief Safety Car period at the start of lap three, the lead battle quickly developed into a three-horse race, while Farmer dropped back into the clutches of Rick Parfitt Jnr, Cameron, Lee Mowle and Liam Griffin whose poor start saw his Lamborghini plummet from fourth to eighth.

Further back a pivotal moment in the race’s outcome was developing. Cameron’s repeated track limit violations earned his Ferrari a five-second penalty, which was added to his in-race time. That meant the Ferrari 488 GT3 was five seconds further behind on the timing screens than it appeared on track!  After the pit-stops it was Mitchell – taking over the Aston Martin from his co-driver Littlejohn – who emerged ahead of Seb Morris whose co-driver Parfitt Jnr gained a place before the stops.

Griffin rejoined fourth but immediately cleared Ryan Ratcliffe’s AMDTuning.com Mercedes-AMG before setting off after Mitchell and Morris. His deficit was eight seconds but such was the Ferrari’s pace that the lead soon became a three-way scrap. The trio ran nose-to-tail for a short while until Seb forced his way into the lead at the final chicane, followed by the Ferrari of Griffin.

Cameron’s five-second penalty was carried over to his team-mate Griffin, who still had to pass Morris and pull away if he wanted to take victory himself! The green Ferrari finally forced his way past Seb by barging him out of the way! This would have repercussions later, meanwhile Seb kept the Ferrari in sight, until the race was interrupted by a bungled third Safety Car period with 24 minutes remaining. The Ferrari was waved passed, with gave him a ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card.

However, although the Ferrari  was the first car to take the chequered Flag, the car and drivers were swiftly demoted to 2nd place, giving  Team Parker Racing, Parfitt Jnr and Morris the  victory and moved them into their rightful position as race winners of round three to secure their first silverware of the new season – also moving them into the championship top two.

“We’re obviously all delighted to have taken the win, especially after how the race ended”, said 21-year-old racer Morris, “The only reason the Ferrari got past was because there was contact, so I’m pleased the officials made the right decision with the penalty. I thoroughly enjoyed it out there, we were competitive and had a very strong race. We seemed to gather more pace towards the end and the Bentley looked after the tyres well. I really got into the swing of things in my stint, had a good battle and produced some good moves. We’re very happy.”

The end to the race was really confusing, none of us knew what was happening when the Ferrari was waved by the Safety Car. It all worked out the right way in the end, though, so we’re happy with the result and looking forward to Snetterton now.”

Ryan Ratcliffe came home sixth in his AMDTuning.com Mercedes-AMG.

A puncture put paid to Ian Loggie and Callum Macleod’s hopes in the second Team Parker Bentley, but they did recover to finish ninth ahead of Team ABBA with Rollcentre Racing’s Richard Neary and Martin Short.

However, while questions were asked about the Safety Car procedure – which was handled correctly by the letter of the regulations – an investigation was immediately launched to establish whether Griffin had gained an unfair advantage by making avoidable contact when passing Morris. There was enough evidence to suggest he had, but with the race run there was no way of allowing the Bentley to re-take the position without imposing a post-race penalty. 26 seconds was therefore applied. Championship Manager Ben Franassovici: “What happened today with the Safety Car procedure was very unfortunate but, given the letter of the regulations, not something we could have controlled. We follow the MSA’s regulations which state the Safety Car must pick up the race leader, which in official timing was not the #21 Spirit of Race Ferrari. Race Control therefore had no choice but to wave it by. Applying in-race time penalties contributed to this but these are the rules by which we and others race under the MSA’s jurisdiction. Today we found an annomally, which will be investigated fully. One way or another there must be changes to avoid this situation from arising again.”

There is now a four week break in the British GT Championship calendar with rounds four and five, which revert to the 60-minute duration format, scheduled to take place over the weekend 27th/28th May at Snetterton 300 Circuit in Norfolk.

The race will be screened live in the UK on free-to-air digital channel Front Runner. http://www.frontrunner.tv/

Bank Holiday Monday Outon Park British GT + BRDC British F3 Championship + Andy Meyrick & Matt Parry 

Ben Hingley gets an Oulton Easter F3 podium,  as Seb, Rick & Ryan struggle in Brit GT!

BRDC F3. Highlights for Ben. Also due to delays the Saturday’s programme there were 3 races in one day for the Formula 3 runners, including Ben Hingley from Abergele.  Ben, driving with the Fortec team, started the first race in 4th place which he defended throughout in an excellent fashion!  In race two, initially he was running in 3rd place, but accident with 2 other cars, brought the red flags and meant the race had to be re-stared for a 4 lap sprint to the flag! When the lights changed Hingeley stormed into 2nd place, which he had to defend from 2 other cars, as the leader Ahmed escaped to win. Speaking after the race, Ben said ‘I’m very happy especially as I started 5th, and my steering took a hit, as I was quite involved in the incident at the first corner, but I was struggling to turn right. P2 though, I couldn’t be more happy. It has put us slightly on the back foot for the final race, as I am starting seventh, but I’ve got more points and that is all that matters!’ Team Boss Richard Dutton who gave out the awards said ‘The boy done good!’

After finishing in 7th place in the 3rd race, Ben is in 4th place in the points standings, with 60 points. Enaam Ahmed leads with 95 points. http://www.britishf3.com/

Brit GT – Seb Morris and Rick Parfitt jnr had blitzed the field on Saturday to take Pole Position for both races for the opening rounds of the 2017 British GT Championship at Oulton Park on Easter Monday. Due to the narrow pit lane at Oulton Park the normal endurance format cannot be used, and this means the event takes place over two 1 hour races, with a driver change allowed at between 25 & 35 minutes!) However Ryan Ratcliffe did not have such a happy time after, the Llanelli drivers’ team-mate, Lee Mowle, crashed the car, and damaged the front suspension!

In somewhat typical Bank Holiday weather, Easter Monday in the Oulton Park area dawned overcast with some heavy drizzle! There was a warm-up session and then two 1 hour races for the British GT runners.  However Lee Mowle went someway to save the day for the Groundhog team by posting a quick time in the damp warm-up session!

British GT – RACE 1 – track wet

As the cars crossed the start-line the Lamborghini Hurrican of John Minshaw took an immediate lead and drew away from Rick who stablised the Bentley Continental GT3 in a steady 2nd place! Meanwhile Lee Mowle was on the move in the 6.3 litre Mercedes! However it almost came to an end when he got on to the grass and hit the barriers again, but got going again at the tail of the field. After 30 minutes, Rick came in for a late pit-stop to hand over to Seb, who had an immediate fight on his hands and dropped to 4th place. Late in the race Seb managed to latch onto the 3rd place Aston Martin of Johnny Adam. In a classic duel Seb closed in under braking, only for Adam to pull away on the straights and was only .5 of  second behind at the end! ‘We don’t have any wet weather traction so I didn’t really didn’t really have a chance. Even so 4th isn’t so bad, as we don’t have any success penalty to serve in race 2!’ Ryan Ratcliffe managed to get his Mercedes back up to 10th, to score a single point.   ‘The team told me to take it as test session so we could try some things. I was on the radio, every lap ‘I’ve got a lot of understeer. When I got back to the pits I could see the splitter was on the floor! I’ll enjoy

driving a car that’s not damaged’

Brit GT Race 2 – track – drying. With Seb on board it was strange to see him beaten off the line and he was 3rd after the first lap. Things got a little strange as both TPR Bentleys’ got together, with the no7 car spinning off! The stewards decided to look at the incident, but whilst that was happening, Seb, in the ‘31’ car, took 2nd place after a muscular move! But he was then handed a ‘Drive through’ penalty, rejoining the race in 7th place. Ryan Ratcliffe, in the AMD Mercedes, was making good progress. Some press on driving and a late race problem for one of the leaders, moved Seb n Rick up to 5th and Ryan n Lee up to 7th  both handily placed for a run to the end in prospect. However the race ended after only 55 minutes under safety car, after a major collision between several cars, left the track littered with debris & cars. Post-race action from the stewards, pinned the blame on the No 7 Bentley, which was being driven by Ian Loggie, and the car was excluded from the results! The points after the 2 races show Seb & Rick in 4th place overall with 22 points and Ryan & Lee have 7 points! Minshaw & Keen (Lamborghini Hurrican) lead with 50 points!  The next races in the Brit GT & F3 package is at Rockingham on

Race Results on http://www.tsl-timing.com/event/171505



DSCF1809Seb Morris and Rick Parfitt jnr blitzed the field to take Pole Position for both races for the opening rounds of the 2017 British GT Championship at Oulton Park on Easter Monday. Due to the narrow pit lane at Oulton Park the normal endurance format cannot be used, and this means the event takes place over two 1 hour races, with a driver change allowed at between 25 & 35 minutes! Qualifing was split into two 10 minute sessions and Rick took pole position for Race 1 on his final lap. ‘It was a real banzia lap’! Seb dominated his session and banged in a quick time  of 1.32.93 secs. No-one else was able to match his time, and so the Bentley duo will lead off the grid in both Mondays races! (The second TPR Bentley run by Welsh leg-end Jules Westwood, were not so lucky) However Ryan Ratcliffe did not have such a happy time after the Llanelli drivers’ team-mate crashed the car, and damaged the front suspension! ‘I did what I could but the car was almost too difficult to drive’

On Easter Monday there will be a warm-up session and then two 1 hour races for the British GT runners.  However due to delays in the programme there will be 3 races in one day for the Formula 3 runners, including Ben Hingley from Abergele.

Seb n Rick pole

Seb & Rick – team-mates again for 2017!

The GT Season starts with even more Welsh drivers joining in! The 2017 Britsh GT season starts at Oulton Park on Easter Monday when Seb Morris & Rick Parfitt Jnr will return as team-mates in the Bentley Continental GP3 car run by Team Parker Racing, ready to make a even bigger challenge for top honours, after finishing in 3rd overall in their debut season! Known to the drivers as ‘The Beast’ there has been input from Bentley aimed at improving the car, to make it even more competitive! Joining the team as title sponsors are Ast Transport Branding with Eddie Stobart confirmed as providing key logistical support, the two new partners feature prominently on the car’s striking new green and white colour scheme.

Additionally, Saxon Air is confirmed as a new partner while existing backers Venu and Liberty Properties Plc return to support Morris’ British GT Championship bid. Parfitt Jnr, meanwhile, brings backing from Geoffrey Insurance, EG Solutions, Aggreko and Flat Pack Direct among others.

Seb  said, ‘I know everyone at the team, Rick and I are determined to bring some big results back for all of our amazing sponsors.”

Since the end of the 2016 season, Seb has had a spectacular debut in the Daytona 24hr race, and although sadly Ricks dad died, he himself has been able to make sure he has more time to devote to racing by making sure races do not clash with concerts with his own rock band!

Speaking on behalf of headline commercial partner Ast Transport Branding, Managing Director Mark Aston said: “This is a fantastic opportunity and we’re excited to be working with Seb and Rick for 2017.”  Saxonair will also sponsor Seb on a personal basis. Saxon Air is a private air travel company which operates from bases throughout Europe covering both Helicopter and Aircraft operations at London Luton, London Stansted, Norwich and Cambridge. Team Parker Racing principal Stuart Parker said: “Having Seb and Rick back in the car for the 2017 season is fantastic news for all at Team Parker. The whole team is motivated to get better than in 2016, having continuity is paramount in what is going to be the hardest fought British GT Championship for years. The relationship with M-Sport and Bentley has blossomed and we look forward to representing them again this year.”

Joining Seb on the Britsh GT package is Ben Hingley from Abergele who will contest The BRDC F3 Championship with Fortec, the top F3 team run by Richard Dutton who has a long & happy history of success with Welsh drivers, including Seb Morris himself!

Matt wants some more Silverware

One of Sebs contemporaries Matthew Parry from Cardiff is also moving into GT racing and will take part in the 2017 Blacpain GT3 championship with Bob Nevilles  RJN Motul Nissan Nismo GTR GT3 car! havng agreed a deal to pilot RJN Motorsport’s #22 Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 in the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup and will partner Jersey’s Struan Moore and Australia’s Matt Simmons in all five Blancpain endurance rounds this season. (RJN is run by our friend Bob Neville)   Matt makes the switch from single-seaters having reached the heights of GP3, standing atop the podium in 2016 and posting top ten championship finishes in each of his campaigns. Parry’s open-wheel career also includes titles in both Formula BMW and Formula Renault, leading to his achievements being recognised with the 25th McLaren Autosport BRDC Award, where he got his first taste of GT machinery during the assessment process. Despite having focused on single-seaters since graduating from an ultra-successful karting career, Parry insists that he will have no trouble adapting to the very different sportscar arena.

After racing in GP3 for two years, we evaluated our options over the winter and, while there were opportunities to continue in single-seaters, the chance to link up with a team like RJN and run in a championship-winning car like the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 was too good to pass up,” Parry explained, “I already had a taste for GTs following the McLaren Autosport BRDC assessment, and getting the chance to test different cars in the last few months convinced me that it was the right time to make the step over to sportscars – and endurance racing in particular. That was a big attraction of this deal as endurance racing is one of the few things missing from my CV, and I’m really looking forward to testing myself in the cauldron of Blancpain competition.” http://www.mattparryracing.co.uk/LatestNews.aspx?ArticleId=176 (RJN  also ran fellow Cardiff racer Jann Mardenborough in 2010 so Matt is in good company.)

Andy Meyrick 2016

Andy Meyrick gets to drive in 2017!

Backing up Matt & Seb is Andy Meyrick, and in addition to his MSA duties, Andy will actually be racing himself in 2017! He will be driving a McLaren 570S with Bullitt Racing in the GT4 European Series Northern Cup in 2017, with his new teammate Stephen Pattrick.

Andy said: “I’ve been keeping a very close eye on GT4 for the last couple of years now, I really admire the racing and the close competition.The team is well organised and I’m sure will be competitive very quickly, this was a key part of my decision to take the role. ed by David Price, the team has a great opportunity to challenge at the front of the pack this year. I’m excited to be a part of GT4”.

Team principal David Price said: “We were looking for an experienced GT racer to lead our team and take the fight to straight to the front, Andy is perfect for the role. We are delighted to have him onboard”.  http://gt4series.com/  NORTHERN CUP CALENDAR 2017, 2 April Misano, Italy, 7 May Brands Hatch, 11 June Red Bull Ring, Austria, 16 July,  Slovakia Ring, 20 August Zandvoort, Holland, 17 September  Nürburgring, Germany

Plus Andy annouced that he’ll be racing in the 2017 Michelin Le Mans Cup with Motorsport 98, driving the dramatic looking Ligier JS P3!  alongside accomplished Belgian driver and Motorsport 98 team owner, Eric De Doncker.


Andys Batmobile!

Andy said: “I’m really excited about working with Motorsport 98, who are a really well established race team, and it’s great to get behind the wheel of the Ligier JS P3 in the LM P3 series.  Alongside my current drive in the GT4 series, I’m looking forward to varied challenges within the 2017 race calendar. The Michelin Le Mans Cup is the perfect stepping stone towards the European Le Mans and World Endurance Championships for the team, and having previously finished 4th place overall in 2010 Le Mans, it will be fantastic to be racing there once again.” The  Michelin Le Mans Cup action kicks off on 13th May at Monza, by which time its hoped that Andys  cowl and cape will arrive for his first drive in the Liger ‘Batmobile’!


Also Rory Collimgbourne, from Newport, Gwent, has signed a deal to contest the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia with top team Leipert Motorsport.

The 19-year-old, from Newport in Wales, has competed in the Renault UK Clio Cup for the past two seasons but is now setting out on a path into the world of GT endurance racing in the prestigious one-make Lamborghini category as team-mate to Australia’s Ben Gersekowski.

“Very exciting times are ahead”, said an elated Collingbourne, “This year is going to be a big challenge, but one I am more than willing to take on! Turning professional at 19-years-old isn’t what a lot of people my age achieve, especially racing on the opposite side of the world.

“Driving for Leipert Motorsport has definitely given me the best chance to compete at the sharp end in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia, it’s a world class team with proven results. This is just the start for what we have planned for the future and Veloce Sports (who are run by Rupert Sevensden-Cook) have been a massive help – it’s a world class management team and I can’t wait to represent them as a driver.” Rory will do well to match the success of Jake Rattenbury, who became the Lamborghini Super Trofeo World Champion in 1985

Over the edge with Andy! Race Ace Andy Meyrick, originally from Swansea but now living in Cheshire, is set to do a 240ft abseil, after he joined Team Humphrey as the newest Patron of Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity. Andy comments: “I’ve seen first-hand the incredible work the hospital does and how the Charity works hard to support the hospital which is why I’m really excited and honoured to become an official patron. I know how much the hospital means to so many families across the North West who have needed to use its services, and for that reason I couldn’t think of a better local charity to support. I’m excited to be able to give something back to my local community who have always been so very supportive of me”

Andy has already signed up for his first challenge, a 240ft abseil over the edge of Liberty Heights in Manchester City Centre to help raise funds in support of the Children’s Hospital.

Andy adds: “Although I’m used to extreme sports I’ve never taking part in an abseil before and let’s put it this way, it won’t be the easiest of challenges for me! I’m sure my stomach will be turning when I’m at the very top but knowing it is raising money for such a good cause, and to help poorly children and the hospital will spur me on!

Sarah Naismith, Head of Charities at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity commented: “. I’m delighted that Andy has pledged his support and we look forward to working with him more in the future.”

Sponsor Andy’s abseil by visiting his Justgiving page here: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Andy-Meyrick

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Action images supplied courtesy Jakob Ebrey Photography

Race Entry Form and the Payment forms on-line now!

Hi, the Race Entry Form and the Payment form for the 2017 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship is on http://wrda.co.uk/?p=2197. Please download, complete and send them to Alan by return.  DON’T FORGET – IF WE DON’T HAVE 18 CARS PAID IN FULL BY THE CLOSE OF ENTRY ON APRIL 8th, WE CANNOT GO AHEAD WITH THE MEETING AS WE WILL NOT HAVE FUNDS TO PAY FOR THE GRID!

At the same time, as the 20/21May Pembrey meeting  (Approx 9 weeks to go) is followed quickly by the Mallory Park date on June 4th (Appox 12 weeks to go )  you might like to considering making early & regular payments I,e  £150 every 2 weeks  from now to 23rd May.  As always, if something happens and you are not able to race, your money will be carried forward to the next meeting or we can refund the fees for the race(s) you could not enter.

Alternatively, submit one form for more than 1 meeting with the appropriate fee which includes an admittedly tiny discount (but it will help us all and guarantees your entry!)  2 meetings £595, 3 meetings £885 or 4 meetings £1180.


2017 Race Entry Fee Payment Form

Pembrey RACE MAY 20/21 SR

2017 race entry fees and rebates + Rhodri steps back.

wsscc_logoHi all,  You may already understand that the cost of buying time for us to race has been increasing slowly since we made the changes to the WSSCC in 2012. However Rhodri has worked out the following rebates for 2017, based on retaining the entry cost of £300. Having taken into account 2017 track time costs at all venues (it’s a very good deal again this year) (plus a budget to cover race weekend running expenses)

19 cars £5

20 – £20

21 – £25

22 – £35

23 – £45

24 – £55

25 – £65

26 – £75

27 – £85

28 – £95

29 – £100

30plus – £105

These rebates should still make the WSSCC attractive to competitors. We mustn’t forget that the Championship will always be in danger with less than an 18 car turnout. Regards Robert

Hi just to say thank you to Rhodri for his work on the 2017 WSSCC Rebate scheme, but he has let us know that he is stepping back a little. I’ll let him speak for himself.

‘As you know, I’m VERY involved right now at Pembrey, particularly with the new developments, as both a director of Pembrey Circuit and UK Council member of the BARC. Moving forward, I want to be absolutely sure that there can be no possible thought of any conflict of interest. Also, I have a rather tricky operation on my elbow, upcoming which will sideline me for a while, and will probably result in me not racing this year.

I’m pleased to leave the WSSCC in a far, far better state now than it was a few years ago, and with a great 2017 season in prospect. I’m not going anywhere, so will see you all around this season anyway! Good luck to all WSSCC Competitors and anyone associated with the Championship!

Best Regards Rhodri

Seb Morris’ stunning move grabs the lead at Daytona!

Seb leads

Seb leads the Daytona 24hr race after blitzing US race legend, Robbie Gordon!

WRDA member & 24 Hour enduro rookie Seb Morris left an indelible impression on the prestigious Rolex 24 at Daytona International Raceway in Florida, with a truly memorable performance behind the wheel of the No.31 Cadillac DPi-VR prototype.

Competing as part of the crack Action Express Racing squad alongside Eric Curran, Dane Cameron and Mike Conway, having been awarded the drive as his prize for winning last year’s Sunoco Whelen Challenge, the 21-year-old Welshman more than played his part during the demanding encounter.  Making marked progress during the build-up to the event, with the help of his vastly experienced team-mates and the crew at Action Express Racing, Seb turned heads during his maiden race Stateside by leading the action during the early going. Qualifying second fastest for the 55th Rolex 24, the No.31 Cadillac was started by Cameron and he moved into the lead towards the end of the opening hour before staying behind the wheel after the first round of stops.

Seb in the wet

Seb in the wet! Mega pace as befits a Welshman in the rain!

Seb then climbed aboard for the start of a lengthy triple stint, the quality of which certainly belied his status as a Rolex 24 rookie. Holding second place when a Full Course Yellow cautionary period was called following an incident, as the action resumed at the re-start of the third hour, Seb jumped the race leader Jeff Gordon, multiple NASCAR Champion, at the first turn!  Having watched Seb sweep past him into the lead of the race, a clearly flustered Gordon was then involved in a tangle with a car emerging from pit-lane!  Seb immediately pulled away and built up a lead of well over 20 seconds which he maintained throughout his first stint!  During his second run later in the evening the heavens had opened and he revelled in the wet conditions, circulating at up to four seconds per lap quicker than his challengers!

Sadly, hopes of a potential podium result faded as a result of a series of issues which struck the No.31 car. First, contact from a backmarker when team-mate Curran was at the wheel,  led to an enforced pit-stop and triggered the beginning of a run of misfortune.

More dramas arose as the race unfolded, including a lengthy delay in the pits to facilitate repairs for problems which were a legacy of the initial incident. Into the second half of the race, more laps were lost when the Cadillac developed shifter problems but the pace and potential of the Action Express car was undeniable. In the end, the car took the finish sixth in class and in 14th position overall.

Seb ready to sign! at autograph!

Seb ready to sign! an autograph! Maybe soon on some more exciting drives!

“I think it’s been the most hectic week of my life in terms of the preparation, the intensity of everything and just what you have to do while you’re in the car”, said Seb, “It’s so different to anything I’ve done, you’re constantly talking to the team, in open dialogue with the spotters around the track, and there is so much to concentrate and focus on. It’s incredibly demanding mentally. As I learnt during practice, by the time I got to the race I’d ironed out any little mistakes. There has been so much to learn, and so much still to learn, but everything went as well as I could have hoped and the team did an amazing job, they’re so professional.” He added: “I think the team could see I was going to play the team game from the outset, they only needed to offer me two hours in the car in practice but I got double that. I can’t thank all of the guys enough, everyone at Action Express and Whelen, Anders [Hildebrand] at Sunoco, Dan Chapman and Andy Meyrick for the guidance and support – a massive thank you to all of the people involved.”

Sebs next planned race is in the British GT Championship at Oulton Park on Easter Monday April 17th. However he may find himself in great demand as a result of his Daytona performance.


http://www.sebmorris.com/     Twitter @SebMorris31

Seb Morris Management/Commercial Contact:
Barry Mears Tel: +44 (0)7595 956145 Email: barry@fullcontactlaw.co.uk  
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wsscc_logoWSSCC 2107 DATES

Date                                        Venue               Organisers

Sunday APRIL  23rd           PEMBREY             BARC HQ

Sat & Sun MAY   20 / 21st  PEMBREY         BARC PEMBREY  Pembrey MAY 20/21 SRs

(N. B 2 day meeting and should be the first ever use of the new track options)

Sunday JUNE 4TH              MALLORY PARK

Sunday JULY  23rd             PEMBREY              BARC HQ

* Sat SEPTEMBER  9th      OULTON PARK    BRSCC  (N.b Oulton Park days are all Saturdays, as they cannot race on Sunday)

Sunday OCTOBER  15th    PEMBREY                BARC HQ

2017 Competitor Registration form        2017 Car Registration Form

New Exciting Pembrey layout in progress!

Full official video here https://youtu.be/hfpuRFEzkus

Official Press Release

Pembrey Circuit will write another chapter in its illustrious history this year with the introduction of new track layout options, designed to add yet more challenges to competitors who test and race, and further spectacle for those in attendance.

Entering what will be its 27th year of operation in conjunction with the British Automobile Racing Club (BARC) in 2017, Pembrey has become synonymous down the years as one of the pivotal proving grounds for teams and drivers with the likes of Formula 1 stars Jenson Button, Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen having all cut their teeth around the Welsh circuit.

Whilst testing has become one of the big draws for teams such as Double R Racing and Carlin, race meetings have also seen a diverse range of championships grace the BARC-run venue with the likes of British Touring Cars, British Trucks and British Rallycross all being staged there over the years.

Since the final chequered flag of 2016 fell, work at Pembrey has been ongoing and recently tarmac has started being laid as track developments begin. The latest changes to the circuit will allow for two different layouts to be used over a single weekend.

Crossing the start/finish line, cars and bikes will proceed through Hatchets Hairpin, Spitfires and Dibeni before approaching the new configuration. Heading over the circuit crossing, competitors will now have a circuit option to continue straight on instead of traditionally turning left, filing into a tight left hander before rejoining the existing layout and building up both speed and momentum.

This introduction of a heavy braking section followed by consecutive high speed right handers will test both the performance of the car/bike and the skill set of the competitor.

In conjunction with this latest track development currently taking place, plans are also being formulated for further work to be undertaken on the back straight. Once plans are finalised in early 2017, an alternative corner sequence will be introduced down the back straight heading into the infamous Honda Curve.

Rallycross will also welcome a new layout for 2017 too following the introduction of running events in both directions last year. Competitors will once again begin on the existing rallycross layout with the first change coming on the approach to the loose section.

Whereas previously drivers would head over the circuit crossing and onto the loose, they will now bear left and continue on the original circuit thus giving spectators another vantage point.

Tackling the new section in reverse via a chicane, competitors will rejoin the existing rallycross track and move further round the lap to tackle the newly improved joker section – all targeted towards providing even more challenging, entertaining racing and also offering the option to be run in the opposite direction too.

Learn more about the history of the circuit as well as an in-depth look into the changes that are being made with this mini documentary provided by Overdrive and Driven International, watch here.

Phil Davies, Pembrey Circuit Manager, said: “These plans have been discussed for quite a while now so it is great to finally be able to start moving forward with them. Motor racing is a difficult business with constant changes, and we are determined to stay ahead of the game and offer test teams and competitors what they need to succeed. With these new developments as part of an ongoing upgrade program, the future looks bright.

“The reason we looked into this idea originally was regarding the younger drivers that are making their way through the ranks. When they come down and test with these big teams there are always going to be differing stages of driver experience as talent develops, so these changes are aimed at making it a little bit easier to develop core skills. We’ve worked alongside a lot of highly experienced motorsport people and taken their ideas on board to come up with the best package for everyone.”

Drew Furlong, BARC Chief Operating Officer, said: “As a club we are always looking to move forward and that goes for our venues too. Pembrey has continued to grow over the past few years and these developments are the next stage in moving forward. With the likes of the British Rallycross Championship and other series all consistently visiting the circuit, these changes are set to not only attract them back, but also to entice new championships to visit.”

Rhodri Jenkins, BARC Council Member, said: “Pembrey is the home of Welsh motorsport and a jewel in the crown of British motorsport; these changes are the start of further underlining why Pembrey is a great circuit to come to test and race at. When you look back through the history books you see how many of the very top drivers around the world have honed their craft at Pembrey, and the aim is to ensure that this trend continues for many years to come.”

To view the full 2017 event calendar for Pembrey Circuit, click here. 

2016 awards night report

The 2016 Awards Night was held at the Village Hotel in Swansea, in a late change of venue, and there was a good crowd of 62. (nb Photos of the Award is on the WRDA Facebook page)

Robert reminded everyone that is was actually 35 years since we had the first meeting to set up the club.

To start off proceeds WRDA Chairman Roger Dowden handed the 2nd in Class AS award to Richard Francis (Citroen Saxo)

Class AS   1st   Robert made the Class winners award to Roger Dowden – Davrian  Mk6. It was his 2nd Class AS win (Roger was BS winner in 2013 so this was his Third Class win in 3 years)

Class AT  1st   Alan Smith  Ford KA =  Alan has come a long way from Yorkshire to compete with us

Class BS    1st Susanne Jones Lotus Elise – Susanne did really well after moving class, and now needs to take the pins out of the Andy Long doll she has at home!

Class BT was a big class

4th was  Andrew ‘Caldicot’ Williams MG Z

3rd     Daryl Radford  Honda Civic  — fought hard

2nd     Colin Dunn   Renault Clio – who has moved up 1 place from 3rd place in 2015 (next year only 1 more place to go!) Colin has done well since his debut in 2014.

1st  Tyronne Lufferelli  Peugeot 106  – Apart from  one or two glitches Tyronne was dominant and was a  well deserved winner!


Class CS   – another big Class – 4th  Andy Williams Ford Sierra Cosworth – Andy  quite a few incidents but scored well, when he finished!

3rd   –  Ken James – Loco Hornet – despite a slow start Ken had a good run in the wet races!

2nd  – Bradley John  Mitsubishi Evo – 2016 saw a fantastic debut for Bradley with consistent finishes as Brad & the car improved through the season.

1st  Class CS  – Jason Davies Ford Sierra Cosworth t – Apart from one or two early season glitches – Jason was dominant in the last 4 wet races – a well deserved winner!


Class CT  1st  Dave Scaramanga    VW – Dave had a scary start-line accident in the 2nd race, but when he switched to the Scirocco  it was a wind in his sails that took him to the class win!


Class D  3rd Fabio Lufferelli Mini/VW Corrado Suzuki – Fabio is a one man chain-gang

2nd     Chris Everill  Ginetta G50

Class D winner –     Keith White  BMW Z4 – Keith & Chris were neck & neck until the final race, and Keith has now won Class D 5 times in a row, and he was only 1 point behind Colin Dunn for 3rd place overall.


Novice. The winner of the Novice award is Bradley John who in his debut (Rookie) season finished 2 in Class CS.

Newcomer (As there were a lot of newcomers in 2016 we decided to give 3 awards)

3rd  was Colin Lewis (Renault Clio)  2nd was Gareth Haycock  VW Golf-

Newcomer of the Year was Richard Francis (Citroen Saxo) – Richard has become a father as well as finding his feet in cars, having raced Karts for several seasons.


Chwarae Teg  award was given to Endaf Owens as   he has introduced several new drivers to the Championship.

Presidents’ Awards.     Robert gave a special awards to  –

Paul Flinders – Paul was the Class BT winner in 2014, and although he has paid the same race-entry fees as everyone else he has hardly did 10 laps all year, and then not all in the same race!

Nick Rocke for all the work he did to support the club.

Steve Williams for allowing us to use all his wonderful photographs

Janice & Sonia Williams & Sue Davies  for all the work they have done in years past  on the raffle  etc.

Young Driver of the Year Award Our Celtic cousin from Cornwall, Tyrone Lufferelli was awarded the 2016 Young Driver of the Year Award. WRDA  Chairman Roger Dowden who presented the award said ‘Tyrone , driving a Peugeot 106 , is only 20 and won his Class with fine performances at Castle Combe & Pembrey and kept Jason honest and was 2nd in the overall standings! He has been one of the most consistent drivers , and so is a worthy winner of this award’

Former winners . Robert then gave a breakdown on the exploits of former winners of the Young Driver of the Year Award. Hywel Lloyd, who was the first Young Driver of the Year has moved to team management and his team CF Racing, won the MSV F3 Cup and his driver, George Line, won the Drivers Championship. Andy Meyrick has become a very experienced Endurance Racer, and is part of the MSA team helping young drivers. Matt Parry won his first GP3 race and is currently 7th in the championship, with the final races happening at the same time as the awards night! Seb Morris won the Young Driver of the Year Award in 2011 but he has since moved into the British GT Championship, and this has brought up the question how to recognise drivers who are now doing well.

The Neil Cunningham Memorial Award. After some thought a new award , ‘The Neil Cunningham Memorial Award’ was inaugurated by the Welsh Racing Drivers Association. WRDA President Robert Allender said about the award, ‘There are lots of links between New Zealand, where Neil was born, and Wales where he came to live with his wife Rachael. Neil was just reaching out to clubs in Wales and he became known to myself and other members of the WRDA, but before we could build on the relationship, he was struck down by this horrible disease Motor Neurone Disease! Neil set up a charity giving page ‘Racing4MND’ to raise funds for the Heaton Ellis Trust which funds research in to a cure for MND. We know Neil had a good career in Single Seaters, Saloons and especially in GT Racing and we have several young drivers who are making names for themselves, so after Neil passed on we reached out to Rachael and she was happy to allow us to honour Neil in this way. She was especially pleased that our first choice was Seb Morris for his efforts in British GT racing, (where he set multiple poles, fastest laps & podium places) especially his efforts at Oulton Park where he broke the circuit lap record, during his drive which secured the first race win for Seb and his team-mate Rick Parfitt Jnr, as it was at Oulton Park she first meet Neil. ‘Neil was interested in helping young drivers, so this was something he would approve of’ Seb said ‘I’m delighted to have been awarded the Neil Cunningham memorial award. May I thank the Welsh Racing Drivers Association, all guests and especially Rachael Cunningham. I am very honoured to be the first recipient of Neils’ award and I will cherish it’ Seb has his own personal award while Rachael will look after the actual trophy until such time as another winner makes him/her presence known!

Later in the awards night there was a raffle and an auction and a substantial donation has been made to Neils’ charity Racing4MND which supports the Heaton-Ellis Trust which tries to find a cure for this cruel disease! There were also a donation to the Welsh Air Ambulance, and to Jennie Morris chosen charity.

Having won the 2016 WRDA Young Driver of the Year, Tyrone Lufferelli, later picked up the inaugural ‘Colin Gundersen Fastest Lap trophy’

As Colin wasn’t able to join us for the Awards Night, in the circumstance Blake Edwards (the first ever WSSCC Champion, stepped in and did the honours.

The ‘Colin Gundersen Fastest Lap at Pembrey’  award was calculated by taking the Class fastest lap divided by the fastest lap in the race x 100 = points. It was very tight – Roger Dowden was leading for a long time, but Peter Hills took the class AS fastest lap in the last race which threw it all up in the air. It was then very tight with Roger dropping to 4th; Dave Scaramanga moving into 3rd but with Jason Davies 2nd, only 2.482 points behind the winner Tyrone Lufferelli.

Blake Edwards Race Winners Trophy. As well as taking the newly re-dedicated ‘Blake Edwards Race Winners Trophy’ having won 6 of the 10 races won, Jason Davies picked up the 2016 Welsh Championship winners trophy.

Welsh Championship winner. C0lin Dunn was 3rd and Tyrone Lufferelli was 2nd but Jason, who drove a 2WD Ford Sierra Cosworth turbo, dominated the later stages of the championship after one or two early season glitches and he was a well deserved winner! After the first ever Welsh champion Blake Edwards had presented him with his award, Jason, whose father Martin had won the same Championship, commented ‘It was something special to win, this championship is not easy, there are a lot of very good and very quick drivers in it, and it was really special to win it 20 years after my dad won it too!’