To make the racing more competitive, and also to try and make it as fair as possible, the WSSCC is split up into different classes depending on engine size, tyre choice and car type.

The following classes, as defined in the Motorsport UK Regulations Section B, are permitted in the WSSCC.

  • Series Production Cars and Production Kit Cars
  • Specialist Production Cars and Touring Cars
  • In addition, Motorcycle Engined Cars which can use any type of motorcycle engine and transmission and are exempt from the requirement to have an operational reverse gear are permitted.
  • 'Super Cars' are cars that do not obviously fit into other classes. Such cars could be V8 Stars, Eurocars, Silhouettes, cars built specifically for racing such as the Ginetta G50/G55. Production Kit cars over 1600cc plus any saloon, road sports and GT cars that no longer retain the original locations or configuration of engine or suspension mounting points as per the original manufacturer specifications and so are not eligible for other classes.

  • We fully support Motorsport UK's Race With Respect Agenda

    WSSCC Class Structure

    Class 1

    Saloons, Road Sports, and GT Cars up to 2000cc.
    Tyres must be List 1A treaded tyres. (See Motorsport UK website for a list of tyres)

    Class 2

    Saloons, Road Sports, and GT Cars up to 2000cc.
    Tyres are not restricted.

    Class 3

    Saloons, Road Sports and GT cars over 2000cc. + Motorcycle Engine Cars + Production Kit Cars up to 1600cc.
    Tyres are not restricted.

    Class 4

    'Supercars' up to 2000cc + Production Kit cars up to 2000cc.
    Tyres are not restricted.

    Class 5

    'Supercars' over 2000cc + Production Kit cars over 2000cc.
    Tyres are not restricted.


    Invitation Class for all Guest Competitors.
    Guest competitors will not have to register for the Championship, but must agree to abide by the "Code of Practice". They will not be eligible for championship points or class awards but may be eligible for "Driver of the Race" award.