The 2017 Colin Gundersen Trophy – Dave Scaramanga leads after 2 rounds

Hi re the 2017 Colin Gundersen Trophy – points after 2 rounds.  Dave Scaramanga leads after 2 rounds, having backed up his new CT Class record with an lap almost a quick in race 2! (Rules for The Colin Gundersen Memorial Trophy for the Class Fastest Race Lap at Pembrey + 2017 Gundersen Trophy Calculations are attched for reference. Regards Robert

2017 Colin Gundersen Trophy
Class Points after 2 rounds
CT Dave Scaramanga 200.7761
CS Jason Davies 199.8358
BT Tyrone Luffarelli 198.5465
D Chris Everill 196.9069
M Fabio Luffarelli 190.5847
AS Richard Francis 189.3135
BS Anthony Weeks 186.5714
AT Alan Smith 88.03164
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