Silverstone National Races - Full Report


The races on the Silverstone National course were the first time for the Welsh Sports & Saloon Championship to race on this layout, so Fastest Laps for all classes were there to be set.

The entry – It was the start of the ‘Heatwave’ and it was Hot in the sun, but as we were assigned garages it was cooler! Especially when the doors on both the pitlane side and paddock side were open!  Although Class BT was the largest, with Andrew Barron giving an Aston Martin V12 a run out in Class D, and with Keith Butcher, Chris Everill & Dave Krayem,  that made it 4 Class D runners for the first time in many years! Robert Rees joined us for the first time and made a good debut with an impressive 9th Place! 

Qualifying We shared the grid with C&MMC  (Classic and Modern) Modern Cars class.  However the man on a mission was Dave Krayem, who had raced at Combe the day before, and he annexed Pole with a time of 59.866 secs and was just over a second faster than Chris Everill (who was also at Combe on Saturday!) Keith Butcher was 3rd making it a Class D 1-2-3 lockout!  Damian Longotano shared the 2nd row with Keith. On row 3 was the first of the C&M runner's Matt Eddolls  Aston Martin and Gareth John who took the Class BS pole!

On Row 4 was Wayne Spiller(Mazda RX8) and Todd Garner (Renault Clio )

On Row 5 Robert Rees made his WSSCC debut in his Mini R56  and shared the row with the massive C&MMC  Ford Taurus!

On Row 6 Colin Dunn took the Class BT pole ahead of WSSCC Guest, Matthew Jones, and his  Ford Focus. On Row 7 it was Class BT  Renault Clios of Rod Teague & Tyrone Dowsell

On Row 8  Andrew Barron moved to Class D to debut his  Aston Martin V12 and the returning  Mike Cook BMW 330 (now Class BT).  Andrew Williams(Renault Clio)  & Verity Banks  (Ford Fiesta) made up the grid.

Race One – Round 7 - 15 Minutes Rolling Start. Dave Krayem converted pole into the lead, but he had Chris Everill and Keith Butcher in close attendance. With the leaders making a glorious rumbling sound, Dave held sway for the first 3 laps, but outduelled himself and gifted the lead to Chris Everill with Keith in 2nd place!  Dave was soon back on it, and he closed up to Keith and re-took 2nd place on Lap 8, and set the Class D lap record in the process! He put Chris under extreme pressure, until on lap 11, after a big spin, he drifted into the pits to check the car and tyres over!  This left  Chris to reel off the laps, with Keith keeping him honest! This should have let Andrew Barron into 3rd in Class D and a trophy! However, he also pitted having overheated his brakes. ‘The Pedal went long, so I decided not to risk it! Dave Kayems demise let Damian Longotano into 3d place overall, some way back but with Matt Eddolls  Aston Martin for company! These 4 were the only cars on the lead lap at the end!     The massive C&MMC  Ford Taurus was 5th 6th and winning Class BS was Gareth John; just ahead of Todd Garner  (7th)and Wayne Spiller (8th). An Impressive 9th on his debut was Robert Rees! In 10th and winning Class, BT was Colin Dunn who was 12 secs ahead of Tyrone Dowsell, who had Rodney Teague right on his tail! In  13th place was Alex Balwin, one of the C&MMC  guys in a Citreon Saxo! 14th was the returning Mike Cook and his Big Beemer, who took the CT spoils.  We shared the grid with Peugeot 206 GTi cup runners, Andrew Williams was 18th in the midst of them and Verity Banks 23rd out of 25 finishers. So Chris Everill ran out the winner but the Ginetta was less than 10 seconds ahead of Keith Butcher.

Among the lap record setters

In Class D David KRAYEM Ginetta G50  59.930 secs  98.54 mph

Class CS Damian LONGOTANO Westfield SE  1:00.963 secs 96.87 mph

Class BS Gareth JOHN Ginetta G40 GT5 1:06.339 secs 89.02 mph

Class BT Colin DUNN Renault Clio   1:11.737 secs  82.32 mph  

Class CT Mike COOK BMW 330    1:12.663 secs 81.27 mph

Race Two – Round 8 - 15 Minutes Rolling Start. With the finishing order of Race 1 setting the grid for Race 2, this meant we were missing Matthew Jones but Andrew Barron and Dave Krayem were at the back along with the massive C&MMC  Ford Taurus now with its 2nd Driver in.,. At the front Chris Everill took the lead he was never to lose! A fast-starting Damian Longotano slotted into 2nd place ahead of Keith Butcher. Robert Rees also made a good start, but Dave Krayem was on the march and slipped by into 4th place on lap 2. It took him several laps to move past Keith Butcher and then Damian Longotano but by the time Dave got into 2nd place, Chris had a good 14-second cushion he kept until the Chequered flag flew after 15 laps! Damian Longotano was 3rd and Keith Butcher was 4th only a few seconds behind! In 5th place, Matt Eddolls  Aston Martin was the last car on the lead lap! The massive Ford Taurus was 6th with Robert Rees 7th.  In 8th place, Wayne Spiller and his RX8 was the only BS runner to finish and gained a full points Class win, after Gareth John took the start, but ended his race on the first lap! (Sadly Gareth also had some trouble getting home as his tow Vehicle broke down and left him and his crew stranded at the circuit until the rescue vehicle turned up!) There was even more joy for Wayne as Todd Garner drifted into the pits to retire on Lap 2! In 9th Place, Colin Dunn was the Class BT winner and the last person on 14 laps, but Tyrone Dowsell did keep him honest! I’m sure  Rodney Teague would have liked to put more pressure on Tyrone but he had a good dice with Alex Baladwn one of  C&MMC  guys in a Citreon Saxo! In 13th Place was Andrew Barron in his Class D Aston Martin   (his other car is a Rover BRM) 14th was the Douglas Bader of the WSSCC, Mike Cook, and his CT BMW. Andrew Williams was in 18th place, but sadly Verity Banks was the last runner and after a smoky last lap, slowed to a stop in the pit lane, and was pushed back to the garage by 2 kind marshals! (cue for a lot of work by the Hill Croft boys aka Andrew Williams) So Chris Everill took a win double from Silverstone, cementing himself at the top of the Blake Edwards Award standings!

Photo- Wayne Spiller- Class winner!


Blake Edward Trophy for most outright wins in 2022 WSSCC


Chris Everill leads after Silverstone Double

Name  Venue Date Win(s)
Chris Everill Silverstone National 17th July 2
Chris Everill Castle Combe 12th June 2
Todd Garner Mallory Park  22nd June 2
Rhys Lloyd Pembrey  8th May 1
Damian Longotano Pembrey  8th May 1


Castle Combe Race Report


Castle Combe report – entry and qualifying.

There were some new faces/ new cars we haven’t seen in 2022. Prime among them was Russell Haggerty, who had entered a Ford Ka, to give Alan Smith some company. It was also the first sight of the year for Rod Teague, was worked long and hard to get his car out, and the welcome sight of Fabio Luffareli!  (We were missing Mike Manning who had gearbox problems and Lyn Morgan who damaged the engine in his Westfield at a local sprint!)

Deri Davies had an engine problem and stopped out on the track without completing the 3 laps needed. The Clerk of the Course arranged to let him do 3 laps behind the pace car if he could get the engine to start! Deri was pessimistic until up stepped Jim(Jimbo) Lyons who was with Mini Miglias. Jimbo sorted it out and Deri was able to start race 1,  from the back of the grid!

The Grid

 Chris Everill and his mighty 6.2 litre Ginetta was on Pole with a time of 1:09.942.   Damian LONGOTANO was also on the front row, but was unable to match Chris’ time! 

On Row 2 were  Fabio LUFFARELI  and on the Class BS pole was the Mazda RX8 of Wayne SPILLER.

On ROW 3 was an all Class BS  affair with Todd GARNER leading from Gareth JOHN

On ROW 4  Rodney TEAGUE took the Class BT pole, by a 10th Colin DUNN!

On ROW 5  Tyrone DOWSELL led from Andrew WILLIAMS whose Clio wasn’t ready so drove the Honda Type R

On ROW and on Class AT pole was Alan SMITH  ahead of Class BTs Andrew BARRON

On ROW 7 was Verity BANKS and Russell HAGGERTY

Finally on ROW 8 was  Deri DAVIES, but for how long!

Nice to see Mike & Jennie Moss plus Mark Nicholson and also Mark Williams. but all without cars. Also Susanne Williams who caught me making a mess of noshing an Ice Cream. Doh

The Race – Round 5 - 15 minutes – Rolling start

So the cars came around Camp Corner, and as the lights changed Damian was quick off the mark, and lead for, just a few yards actually, until Chris’ engine hit its stride. With the run from the start-line to Quarry Corner being almost a straight line, from then on Chris and the red Ginetta held a lead he was never to lose, and he set a new lap record on his way with a time of 1.10.120! Damian kept in touch for a while but Chris extended his lead, taking the win by 58 seconds. Fabio Luffareli almost caught Damian, and was the only other driver to remain on the lead lap. Deri Davies was 4th having risen from the back, and was involved with many a tussle on his way. Todd Garner continued his Class BS winning ways, and also took the extra point for a fastest lap (indeed setting a new lap record on his way)  he had Wayne Spiller for close company from early on!  Gareth John was 7th.  Behind them, it was Class BT that held the attention with Rod Teague holding a strong lead from Colin Dunn with Rod setting the fastest lap of the class on lap 8! However coming into Camp Corner, Rod clipped the grass on the right and with a set of squealing List 1a tyres he exited across the track! However luckily the Clio clipped the barrier side-on, and was ready to get back in the fray. ‘The Marshals held me because they wanted me to wait for a gap!’ Rod re-joined after Tyrone Dowsell and Andrew Williams had passed and finished 11th. In 12th place was Andrew Barron who was ahead of Alan Smith.  Verity Banks completed the finishers, as Russell Haggerty had pulled off after 4 laps, as the Ka needed more work to make it competitive. 

Race 2 – Round 6 - 15 minutes – Rolling start

So the cars came around Camp Corner for race 2, and as the lights changed Damain again was quick off the mark, and lead for, just a few yards actually, until Chris’ engine hit its stride. With the run from the start-line to Quarry Corner being almost a straight line, from then on Chris and the red Ginetta held a lead he was never to loose. This time however Damian made a determined effort to keep up, and on lap 8 he joined the ‘Record Breakers’ leaving the Class BS lap record at 1.10.937, only a few 10ths slower than Chris best time! Behind them battle was joined between a fast starting Deri Davies and Fabio Luffarelli. The battle was intense with Fabio pushing Deri all the way!  In fact it was so intense that Deri set his fastest lap of the race on the penultimate lap and the pair of them began to make inroads into Damion’s 2nd place! Damian duly took 2nd overall but with Deri 3rd, two seconds behind and Fabio (4th)2 seconds behind him, and the last driver on the lead lap. In 5th Place and a lap down Todd Garner took the Class BS honours with the extra point for fastest lap too! Behind him it looked like Gareth John had the measure of Wayne Spiller, although Wayne was never far behind! On the last lap Wayne made his bid and overtook Gareth to finish 7th overall and 2nd in Class BS. Gareth chased Wayne to the end and was Just about 1 second behind in the end! Behind them there was another scrap between Rod Teague and Colin Dunn.  Rod had found the brush with the barrier had not damaged the car internally, although it did look a little battle scarred! Rod lead Colin Dunn for a few laps before Colin got by and started to pull away to finish in 8th place. As well as winning Class BT and setting fastest lap, Colin was the last of the runners on  12 laps. Rod Teague was 9th (2nd in BT) Tyrone Dowsell was 10th (3rd in BT) with Andrew Williams in 11th place. Alan Smith was 12th  Verity confirmed she had good dice in Race 2 - Another goodish start, got slightly bogged down initially, but managed to get pass Andrew Barron (#59) at Quarry and almost got Alan (#13). I had quite a ding dong battle with Andrew all race long, had a few squirrely moments , though I managed to beat him at the finish still had grip and braking issues, with it overheating., That was a hot and tough race, but fun. Even with no trophies, I finished both races in one piece!

 Results are on


Mallory Park WSSCC Round 3 & 4


Mallory Park Sunday 22nd May 2022 The Entry and Qualifying.

In contrast to the ferocious heatwave of 2021, this time the sun was there but so were some clouds, making the 2022 event much nicer. An intrepid band of WSSCC competitors made the trip for the Classic and Modern Motorsport Club run meeting.  In the paddock we had our first sight of Andrew Barron’s Rover BRM  (basically an MG XF under the skin, but renamed to honour the BRM Chassis used to house the Rover Gas Turbine experiment at Le Mans in 1963 & 65 driven by the legends that were Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart) Also new was Darren ‘Daz’ Owen who had a very pretty and very potent spaceframe Ford Escort with 2.4 Duratec engine. Darren, who is well known for his exploits in other cars, was having only his 3rd race with this car, and we have to thank Deri Davies for recommending him to us. Darren recounted the story. ‘I was on holiday in the area and dropped into a Butchers shop in Aberystwyth, which turned out to be Deri Davies shop! We got talking about racing’ he said ‘Why don’t you join the club! So here I am’.  Also seen for the first time this year in Class BT was Colin Dunn, (Clio) after sorting out some wiring issues and a dodgy connection, he was at least ready to race. Andrew Williams was using Jason Peards Honda in between getting his own Clio going. Jason broke his leg in a road car accident, so hopefully, he is on the mend. Tyrone Dowsell (Clio) and Verity Banks (Ford Fiesta) completed the Class BT runners. Local lad Todd Garner’s 1.6 Renault Clio was the fastest car in Class BS ahead of Wayne Spiller and Gareth John.

There were several CMCC runners and one of their BMWs coated the track with oil, which put paid on any mega last laps attempts! Darren ‘Daz’ Owen was on pole! The BMW E36 of CMMC member Gavin Dunn was alongside. Todd Garner was 3rd & also Class BS pole winner, with Wayne Spiller 4th  Gareth John was on row 3 with CCMC runner Vic Hope alongside. On row 4 it didn’t take Colin Dunn long to get back in the swing and he took the BT Class Pole with CCMC runner Ken Angell alongside.

Andrew Williams (Class BT Honda TypeR ) was on row 5 with CCMC runner Matthew Johnson for company.

Row 6 was an all WSSCC Class BT affair with Tyrone Dowsell (Clio) ahead of Andrew Barron (Rover BRM). Verity Banks was the last BT runner.

The race (WSSCC round 3) – Rolling start – 15 minutes  at 12.05

So the pace car lead the pack around and it was Darren in the Escort that emerged as the leader with the BMW E36 of CMMC member Gavin Dunn in 2nd place. However, Darren’s tenure in the lead was short-lived, for although he set the FTD at 50.401 on the way, he only lasted 5 laps in the lead and then drifted down and then out of the race on lap7, but had done enough to earn himself the ‘Driver of the Race Award! Verity Banks was already out, having stopped at the end of the first corner!  So the BMW E36 of CMMC member Gavin Dunn took over the lead he was not to give up. Local lad and WSSCC Class BS points scorer Todd Garner was in 2nd and had wisely chosen to use his Joker! Gareth John tried hard to catch Todd but admitted he could not catch him. Behind Gareth, Wayne Spiller drove his Flame-spitting Mazda hard and kept Gareth honest, finishing only 2.36 seconds behind at the end!  CMMC members Ken Angell and Vic Hope (Honda Type R) had a great race in 5th & 6th place.  Class BT cars made up the rest of the finishers, with Colin Dunn taking the BT win, ahead of Andrew Williams (Honda Type R) (Two Hondas in the top 10 – and 3 Clios -somebody may read that and weep!) Tyrone Dowsell (Clio) and Andrew  Barron (Rover) were the final finishers!

The race (WSSCC round 4) – Rolling start – 15 minutes

In the lunch interval, we had lost Gavin Dunn and Andrew Barron but had re-gained Verity Banks, so it was only 10 starters that made the grid but it showed there can still be some great racing. So the pace car lead the pack around and it was Todd Garner on Pole with Gareth John 2nd and Wayne Spiller 3rd  CMMC members Ken Angell and Vic Hope looked set for another classic dice ahead of the Class BT runners of Colin Dunn (now playing his joker) Andrew Williams, Tyrone Dowsell and Verity Banks. Darren Owen in the Escort started last.  From the lights, Todd Garner took a lead he was never to lose. Gareth John kept him in sight for a while but then had Wayne Spiller keeping him honest. Darren Owen made up to 3rd by lap 4 but then pulled off again. (He said it was nothing serious and he hoped to join us again at Donington Park!)  CMMC members Ken Angell and Vic Hope had another great race, whilst Colin Dunn made the most of his joker but Andrew Williams kept him in sight. Tyrone Dowsell was 3d in BT whilst Verity Banks got some mileage out of the Ford Fiesta. So the race ran to a close and Todd Garner made it a full race win! Not only that, but he also took the Class BS  1st in Class award and also ‘Driver of the Race’ award, and a special Winners trophy from the event organisers. Just as well his dad bought a big family SUV!

With Todd & Colin using their Joker cards, the points will make some interesting reading!

All the results are on 


Race Report Rounds 1 & 2


2022 WSSCC Races 1 & 2 Pembrey Sunday 8th May 

The weather &  entry for the first races in the 2022 season, looked good, but more of that later. 

Entry & Qualifying. For this event we used the Classic ‘National’ circuit.

In the event, the front row was a Class CS Champions lock- out! Damian Longotano , (2019 champion) with the Westie now sprouting a nice  looking wing, who took Pole with a time of 1:00.071! 2nd fastest saw the return of Rhys Lloyd ( 2008 Champion) who set a time of in a 1:00.21 in his nice looking Opel Astra! 

The 2nd row was an all Ginetta V8 affair with Chris Everill 3rd in his familiar red 169 car and Dave Krayem in 888 with a 7 litre engine!

On the 3rd row was Mike Manning and his Ford Sierra RS500 & on the Class BS pole Wayne Spiller Mazda RX8

On the 4th was current Champion Gareth John  (Ginetta G40) and Todd Garner’s 1600 cc Renault Clio 

On the5th row (and on BT pole ) was Andrew Williams who borrowed  a Honda Civic Type R as his Clio wasn’t quite  ready .  In Andew’s  old MG ZR car and making his race debut was Ralph Budd!

On the 6th row were the all BT shod new guys Rob Gaffney in a Ford Fiesta and  Tyrone Dowsell  on a Renault Clio! 

On the 7th row was our favourite Yorkshireman Alan Smith Ford KA and a hobbling Deri Davies Darrian T90. (Vince Longotano ran his magic fingers over the car and cured the T90s misfire, by making sure the HT lead was securely in contact with the coil.

On the Final row was Verity Banks  (Ford Focus)  and Mark WILLIAMS Peugeot 205. Mark was unable to set a time!

So it was a nice number of 16 cars that did practice, however before the race we lost Rob Gaffney with the dreaded Head Gasket Failure (aka HGF). However we had already lost 6 cars in the days before the event so we could have had a really good entry. One of the guys missing was Mike Cook (BMW 330)who broke his leg as he was getting his car ready for the event. Hopefully we’ll see him back racing with us before too long!

Race 1 WSSCC Round 1 – Rolling Start – 15 minutes

So Blake Edwards brought the cars around to the start, and Rhys Lloyd made a good start, but was followed closely by Chris Everill and Damian. Mike Manning was 4th ahead from Dave Krayem. Gareth John was 6th with Wayne Spiller for company! Deri Davies was making his way up from the back and was 9th. Andrew Williams was 10th. With Tyrone Dowsell  in 11th place. Alan Smith had Verity Banks for company! There was no sign of Mark Williams or Ralph Budd. But all of a sudden a Safety Car (driven by Bake Edwards) made an appearance! Regulations regarding the use of a Safety Car had only just been written into the Championship regulations, but I didn’t think it would be used at such an early stage! The Safety Car was needed so that the marshals could recover Ralph Budds car which came to rest, facing the wrong way, after an incident with the Mark Williams who had got on the grass as he was making his way up from the last row! Mark regained the track right in front of Ralph Budd, who couldn’t avoid T-boning the Peugeot!  Whereas the Peugeot was at least mobile he had a massive dent in his door!  Ralphs car was recovered, but had suffered too much front-end damage and may need re-shelling!  After 2 laps, the safety car was withdrawn and there was still time for  a further 10 laps!

 Rhys Lloyd re-established his lead but behind him there was a tremendous battle between Chris Everill and Damian Longotano that went on for several laps, until Damian got ahead and then went after Rhys. Damian briefly took the lead on lap 10, but then began a slow descent down the order to finish in 8th place with the front mudguard rubbing on the tyre.

So Rhys Lloyd won with Chris Everill 2nd  In 3rd place was Mike Manning, with Deri Davies right on his tail! ‘Mikes car had just too much straight line speedI’

In 5th place was Dave Krayem and his pretty  Ginetta G55  ‘I’ll have to get used it’

In 6th was Wayne Spiller who was the Class BS winner in his Mazda RX8 after a race long duel with Gareth John !  Gareth (Ginetta G40) lead the class until Wayne slipped by in the closing laps! Gareth had the consolation of taking the point for the Class fastest lap! 

Damian Longotano (Westfield SE ) slipped to 8th but also had the consolation of taking the point for the Class CS fastest lap! 

In 9th place was Class BT winner Andrew Williams with his borrowed Honda Civic Type who took the point for the Class BT fastest lap! 

10th was Tyrone Dowsell  making his debut in his Renault 

11th was Todd GARNER (Class BS Renault Clio) 

12th and the final finisher was Verity Banks and her Ford Focus.

Alan Smith posted a DNF after the Coil on the Ford Ka went down. Lucky he had a spare.

There was a lot of fettling in between races to get Damians front mudguard race ready, which featured a lot of black tank tape!

Race 2 WSSCC Round 2 – Rolling Start – 15 minutes

With at least 3 non-starters it was a select bunch that formed up behind the Pace car, but somehow Dave Krayem had also withdrawn; so it was only 12 cars to bring the curtain down on the days racing! Even so the racing was excellent!  Chris Everill got the drop on Rhys Lloyd and lead the early laps, until Rhys Lloyd took over for the next few laps! Damian Longotano was on the rise from the 4th row, and by lap 5 he had Rhys in his sights, and took the lead on lap 8 and held it to the end! Deri Davies got the drop on Mike Manning and went on to finish 4th with Mike in 5th place! Once again Wayne Spiller and Gareth John had a real ding-dong.  However this time Wayne not only won Class BS but he also took the Class Fastest lap. 

In 9th place Andrew Williams played his Joker and again won Class BT and set the fastest lap!

Tyrone Dowsell was 10th with Alan Smith 11th and Verity was 12th.

At the end of the day, the marshals on Post 5 nominated Damian Longotano as their ‘Driver of the Race’

On next to Mallory Park!

Result are at


Countdown is on as the 2022 WSSCC Racing Season Starts Soon!


Pre-season actionSilverstone seemed to be the venue of choice for those drivers who wanted to blow away the cobwebs with some pre-season action. Amongst those who did, (but not all on the same day!)were  Rhys Lloyd,  Andrew Barron, Gareth John. Mike Manning and Jason Davies (2014 Welsh Young Driver of the Year) who blasted to two race wins

Re the 2022 Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship. There is only 4 weeks to close of entries (29th April) to the rounds 1 & 2 at Pembrey on May 8th. Please note at all BARC events, although  ‘Signing on’ will be electronic as per last year. However Barc events will see the reintroduction of physical safety scrutineering, which will take place at all BARC race meetings. It is of paramount importance that you check all relevant aspects of both your race car and race wear, in particular things such as fire extinguisher systems and belts / harnesses, to ensure that they comply with the latest regulations.  In addition, items such as the pull cables, rain lights and tow hooks - as well as many more - should all be checked as they will be physically inspected before you are permitted to race this year.  I suspect this will be the same at all other meetings we go to, as well.  For Race entry forms go  and  on the left ‘Membership’ and drop down to WSSCC

Re Mallory Park. 22nd May-WSSCC rounds 3 & 4- Please note the WSSCC have been allocated more places on the grid, but even so please get your entries in asap! The closing date is May 4th to encourage early entry, after that you get charged an extra £30, (up to May 18th  ) subject to space.  For Race entry forms go  and  on the left ‘Membership’ and drop down to C&CMC

 As in previous years in addition to the WSSCC Class & Overall Championship, there will be the Blake Edwards Award for race winners and the Colin Gundersen award for the Fastest Laps at Pembrey.

 (Photo - 2021 champion Gareth John in action at Thruxton)


Welsh Award Winners in action in 2022!


Young Welsh Drivers award winners are still in action.  2007 winner, Hwyel Lloyd has moved into team management with CF Racing and, amongst other wins, has won the Hardall F3 Cup 2021 Teams Championship.

2008 winner Rhys Lloyd is still racing saloon cars and will do the Pembrey rounds in 2022

2009 winner Andy Meyrick  currently races with United Autosports in the Michelin Le Mans Cup ,  in LMP3 (aka Road to Le Mans series). Andy has been a factory driver for Aston Martin, Mazda and Bentley, along with a variety of privateer teams.  Outside of his driving duties, Andy is also Director of the BRDC SuperStars programme where he is responsible for all aspects of managing and training some of the UK’s most promising young drivers, something he is extremely passionate about and he is a co-founder of Greenlight Sports Management.

The 2022 Porsche Championship GB has a  distinct Welsh flavour! GT3 heroes Seb Morris and Ryan Ratcliffe will compete with Team Parker Racing, while Spa 24 winner, Jules Westwood has moved to manage the Toro Verde GT team.   Morris was the 2011 Welsh Young Driver of the Year, and he & Ryan have also won the ‘Neil Cunningham Award’.  The Porsche Championship is part of the BTCC package which is shown live on ITV! 

(Photo - Seb Morris in action with GT3 Bentley Continental)


2022 Season - Some Important News And Dates


2022 Racing Season Starts Soon!

The 2022 Racing Season starts soon! and those who need a boost to get their cars ready for the new season, there is only 2 weeks to go to get your entry to C&MCC for the Pre-season races at Silverstone on March 20th!

Re The 2022 Welsh Sports And Saloon Car Championship  (i.e WSSCC) There is only 8 weeks to close of entries to the rounds 1 & 2 at Pembrey.

Please note at all BARC events, although 'Signing on, will be electronic as per last year; BARC events will see the reintroduction of physical safety scrutineering, which will take place at all BARC race meetings. It is of paramount importance that you check all relevant aspects of both your race car and race wear, in particular things such as fire extinguisher systems and belts / harnesses, to ensure that they comply with the latest regulations. In addition, items such as the pull cables, rain lights and tow hooks - as well as many more - should all be checked as they will be physically inspected before you are permitted to race this year.

I suspect this will be the same at all other meetings we go to as well.

Re Mallory Park. 22nd May - Please note the WSSCC have been allocated more places on the grid, but even so please get your entries in asap!


New Website For 2022


We are pleased to reveal our new-look website for 2022. Packed with new features, such as our race calendar, race results, and also all the forms you need are all now in one place. Please let us know what you think in the contact us section on the home page.